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Your guide to lucky and unlucky colours for the Cancer zodiac sign

Colours play a major role in the human psyche and often represent our moods or emotions. Which is why astrology attaches a lot of importance to different hues. The concept of lucky and unlucky colours for every zodiac is especially important for those born under the highly sensitive water sign of Cancer.

Just as there are lucky or “power colours“, some shades are also considered unlucky for each zodiac sign. To make the best of astrological guidance, one must be aware of both palettes as per their zodiac charts and include favourable hues in their day-to-day lives while avoiding the rest.

Power of colour psychology on zodiac signs

lucky colour for cancer
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According to the divinatory practice of astrology, colours carry energies that can impact people belonging to different sun signs, either positively or negatively. Depending on the traits and characteristics of each sign, some hues affect them more than the rest.

Hence, astrologers utilise this zodiac colour theory to help the signs live their best lives. Other cosmic influences, like planetary positions and placement of constellations, are also considered while determining a lucky colour for each sun sign.

For instance, the emotionally intelligent Cancer can easily harness the powers of their lucky colours for better work, love, and personal life. But before delving deep into the colour philosophy for this fourth sun sign on the zodiac wheel, it is imperative to understand its key nature and personality markers.

Personality traits that determine the unlucky and lucky colours for Cancer

cancer zodiac sign personality characteristics lucky and unlucky colours
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Cancer, denoted by the crab, is the first water sign of the zodiac. Governing those born between June 22 to July 22, the sign is of cardinal modality. It is ruled by the moon and is considered the mother of zodiacs because of its dominating, feminine, nurturing energy. It is influenced by the fourth house of astrology which signifies home, hearth and family.

People belonging to this sun sign are extremely attached to their loved ones. Despite their kind and empathetic nature, they can also be moody. Just as the moon waxes and wanes, the Cancerian personality undergoes a lot of temperamental changes and is, at times, mercurial. Having said that, they are loyal, loving, mild-mannered and hate confrontations of any kind.

When hurt, they like to retreat into their shells and move away from challenging situations. They could be easily wounded because of their emotional nature. Hence, they have a hard outer covering that is used for defence.

Emotional intelligence, calm composure and a sensitive mind shine through the Cancerian persona. Hence, soft, feminine hues complement them well. Harsh, bold shades of any kind are considered unlucky colours for them which should be avoided, as it disrupts their overall composure.

Gentle and serene: Explore the lucky colours for Cancer zodiac sign


lucky colour for cancer
Image: Courtesy Eugenia Romanova/Unsplash

A signifier of peace, purity and positivity, white brings a balance to the whole colour spectrum. Hence, this hue calms down the crab’s soul and is considered a lucky colour that must be included in their life. Off-white, which resembles the moon, is also a pristine shade for Cancerians.


Image credit: Julia Maior/Unsplash

Another shade associated with moonlight, silver is also considered very lucky for this zodiac sign. It is used to symbolise qualities like intuition, emotions and a deep understanding of all living beings in astrology. Since these are all the main qualities of a Cancerian personality, the colour silver is like a balm to their soul.


lucky unlucky colours cancer zodiac sign colors
Image credit: Chris Lee/Unsplash

Green, specifically sea green, is considered lucky for this sun sign as it promotes serenity, peace and calmness. Additionally, this colour is closely associated with any water bed which is bountiful with aquatic flora. Cancerians, being water babies, can find this shade reflecting the depth of their souls. It can also bring out their nurturing and creative side.


unlucky and lucky colour for cancer
Image: Courtesy Jelleke Vanooteghem/Unsplash

Different shades of blue reflect water in all forms. Hence, they perfectly suit the Cancerian disposition, which is often compared with the deep blue ocean for being emotionally intense and self-reflective.

The famous adage, still waters run deep also aptly describes the crab’s passion under the placid surface mindset. Hence, no prizes for guessing that any shade of blue is a lucky colour for Cancer.

Unlucky colours those of the Cancer zodiac sign should avoid


cancer zodiac sign red
Image credit: Henry & Co./Unsplash

The bold hue of red and its shades, such as crimson, burgundy or maroon, do not bode well with this water sign’s sensibilities. This colour can overstimulate their calm mind and disrupt their inner peace. With a tendency to fall prey to overthinking and anxiety, Cancerians can find these shades overwhelming.

If they must use this colour in any way, it is recommended they go for softer shades like baby pink, which has more white tones than red.


auspicious colors zodiac sign cancer
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Being the opposite of white, black is considered to have negative connotations for this cardinal water sign. Since this sign is considered a bit moody, black or grey colour can have a negative effect on the fragile mind of anyone born under it. Hence, Cancerians must avoid this unlucky shade at any cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which colour is lucky for Cancer?

Answer: White, silver, blue and green are considered lucky for Cancerians.

Question: Which colour is unlucky for Cancer?

Answer: Black and shades of red are considered unlucky for those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Question: Is red color good for cancer?

Answer: Red is considered unlucky for Cancer.

Question: Is blue lucky for Cancer?

Answer: Blue and its shades are considered lucky for those born under the water sign Cancer.

Question: Is black colour good for Cancer?

Answer: Black is an unlucky colour for Cancerians.

Your guide to lucky and unlucky colours for the Cancer zodiac sign

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