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Best in Beauty: Our 5 favourite products we used this month

From the overfilled shelves of our bathrooms and the full-length mirrors we sit across blearily every morning picking potions and lotions from overstuffed makeup bags, to you and wherever your stash of serums and creams inhabit, Best in Beauty rounds up the very best products we’ve smeared across our faces and spritzed upon our pulse points this month.

The best beauty products we used this month:

There comes a time in every boy’s life when he takes a long, hard look in the mirror and realises he’s not as young as he used to be, that choices made along the way — the late nights, the tequila shots, forgetting that daily application of SPF — have done a number on that once-youthful glow. Action, then, must be taken. And if you’re going for it at all, why not go for gold? Specifically, La Prairie’s Pure Gold Diffusion System, developed to repair and restore skin to its former glory. It’s mixed right into the formula of the brand’s Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Night Balm, which does all the hard work while you sleep. Shot, meet chaser. — Nathan Erickson, Editor-in-Chief


Another month, another new face cream. This August, I tested out Augustinus Bader’s The Light Cream With TFC8. The “With TFC8(R)” part is very important, as it points to the Trigger Factor Complex, which is a patented, cellular-renewing technology behind the brand’s skin and hair care. It’s all too complicated for a non-professional like me to understand, but basically, it’s supposed to address the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks and damage caused by external stressors.

While I don’t see much difference in my wrinkles/cellulite/stretchmarks/etc because I didn’t have any to begin with (sorry for the humble brag lol), I do love the comfortable feeling the cream leaves on my skin. Oh, and I especially appreciate that it doesn’t have any fragrance. If you have the budget, it’s a suitable everyday moisturiser going into fall, and as for me, I’ll be using it daily until the bottle’s empty. — Charmaine Ng, Editor


You’re probably not paying too much attention to the toothpaste currently located on your bathroom vanity — there’s so much more to worry about (read: 10-step Korean skincare routine). But in case you are, allow me to introduce vVARDIS to your teeth-brushing rotation, a Swiss-based oral care brand that’s promised to encourage you to rethink your day and night habits. Formulated with anti-ageing technology to help with natural enamel repair — including a Science-y ingredient list of natural minerals and biomimetic compound that naturally strengthens and whiten the teeth — their extensive line of products, including a mouthwash and serum, is backed by over 20 years of research. All this to say, this toothpaste is great for your set of soon-to-be pearly whites. It might not be as foamy as the drugstore brand you’re used to, or offer a freshness that instantly cools your gums, but the strong mint flavour from vVARDIS is discernible enough to keep your breath fresh, and the best part, your teeth strong, sparkly clean and free from sensitivity and stains. — Lorria Sahmet, Editor


Some of you might be wondering “Who’s Hoi Ting and why are we competing to be worse than her?” Luckily for you, I fancy myself somewhat of an MK (short for Mong Kok) culture expert. The backstory of Hoi Ting is a legendary one known to the internet by heart — at mere Grade 7, Hoi Ting was recognised by her peers as the baddest b*tch of the year by smoking, hold your gasps and clutch your pearls, two cigarettes in a row. Capturing the spirit of Big Sis Hoi Ting, The Wax Can presents the Worse Than Hoi Ting candle championing notes of tobacco leaf, mint and eucalyptus, mimicking the scent of a burning cig without invoking undesired respiratory reaction. — Michelle Chan, Editor


I’ve always been a fan of Origins’ Mega Mushroom series. Its Molecular Mushroom Complex and vegan formula is suitable for all skin types, especially very sensitive ones like mine. When I saw that they had launched an upgraded version, I had to get it right away. Other than using it as a regular toner after cleansing, it’s also a great quick-fix solution. Whenever my skin is acting up with redness or peeling from dryness, I pour an excess amount of the solution onto cotton pads and cover my whole face with it for a few minutes. It instantly calms my skin and hydrates it, so I don’t look like I just ran a mile. — Leanne Lam, Social Media Manager

Header and featured images courtesy of Augustinus Bader
Best in Beauty: Our 5 favourite products we used this month

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