What a lot of people don’t think about, says Laura Janes, Hourglass Cosmetics’ VP of Global Artistry and Training, is that “men can have beautiful, hydrated skin just like women, and men have skin issues, just like women do.” Beyond having the right skincare and grooming regime, what guys don’t realise is that a little bit of makeup can do wonders for improving the look of your complexion — it doesn’t have to look caked on and obvious. “The guy might have skin imperfections, maybe a blemish, a little bit of redness in his skin, possibly hyper-pigmentation, and these are all the issues women deal with. He wants it to be natural; he doesn’t want to see or feel that he has makeup on,” says Janes.

Where hiding a tube of Tom Ford concealer in your medicine cabinet may have felt like a guilty pleasure before, everyday dudes using makeup is definitely becoming a worldwide trend. Just look at the growing scene at Hourglass Cosmetics’ flagship at Venice, California, where several of the brand’s complexion products and brow tools are proving to be bestsellers among men. There are even guy-only private shopping evenings in the works. “It’s definitely a trend for guys to use makeup, because why not?” says Janes. “The easiest things to fix are under eye dark circles, oil control and humidity control” — issues all women and men face especially in a climate as hot as Hong Kong’s.

Chatting with Janes at a recent Hourglass Cosmetics product launch event, we asked her to share her top tips for guys to achieve better skin through their products. “Let the product do all the work,” she says. “It doesn’t have to be complicated. If they come to the counter we’ll teach them how to do it.”

Featured image credit: Goodluz/iStock