Newsflash: when it comes to preventing signs of fatigue or premature ageing, most of us guys have been doing it wrong. Sure, we dabble in the occasional bit of exfoliating — some of us even use a paraben-free face wash! — but in order to combat the amount of overtime, alcohol and pollution the average gent is exposed to, a more concentrated solution is needed. So let’s talk men’s face serums.

Not to be confused with daily moisturiser, a typical men’s face serum is to the former what a chaser is to a pint. The latter often contains 2-3 times more active ingredients than its ‘final layer’ counterparts and is formulated with specific concerns in mind. That’s why the best men’s serums usually deliver results in one area — like dull complexions or visible dryness. Below, we rattle off a few which are particularly good at buffeting the effects of a long evening: so even if you feel awful, your skin certainly won’t look it.