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7 Korean beauty influencers who should be on your list

There was a time when Korean beauty was only restricted to BB and CC creams. The lightweight foundation creams were a rage back then, and everyone eventually took note of these products. The K-Beauty wave grew stronger and wider after this discovery and soon the market was flooded with products like essences, sheet masks, and ampoules. Skincare and beauty fanatics were all about using Korean products. Everybody wanted to hop on this bandwagon and several Korean beauty influencers took advantage of this opportunity.

With a pandora of products that it has to offer, understanding Korean beauty and its products can often be overwhelming. There are new ingredients always popping up, and new kinds of skincare are being introduced. One may get very confused as to what is the right way to use them and what products will be good for them. Taking note of the growing usage of the products, Korean beauty bloggers started talking more about it. Many Korean influencers popped up on Instagram and gained followers.

If you are new to Korean skincare and beauty, then it is always a good choice to follow one of these Korean bloggers for insight. With millions of followers, these Instagram influencers are constantly educating people about new Korean beauty products and what’s good among the several options. Here are a few top Korean beauty influencers that should be on your following list.

Top Korean beauty influencers you should take note of

Claudia Christin


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Claudia Christin runs a page called Fun Skincare. She is a medically trained dermatologist whose interest in K-beauty began when she started breaking out during school. She moved to South Korea in 2017 and started researching more about skincare. If you need some science-backed recommendations on skincare, then follow her right away.

Pony Syndrome


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If you love K-pop glam and want to be updated with the latest styles, then Pony is your girl. She is one of the most popular beauty bloggers known to recreate celebrity looks of stars like Kylie Jenner, Taylor Swift, and more. From beauty looks to minimalist style, her videos are always very educational.


This Korean beauty influencer has a huge presence on YouTube and Instagram. She has the best tips and tricks to share about makeup techniques like shading, contouring, lifting, etc. She also has a series called “Lamuqe Plastic Surgery” where she invites people and gives them a makeover. The results are so astonishing that it’ll inspire you to make some changes to your routine as well.

Charlotte Cho

If you are looking for reviews on skincare products, Charlotte is the right beauty influencer for you. This South Korean American beauty blogger is up-to-date with all beauty trends and techniques. She shares very informative makeup and skincare reviews that will help you make decisions on what to buy and what not to.

Michelle Choi


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A post shared by MICHELLE CHOI🖤 (@michellechoii)

Choi talks a lot about natural Korean beauty and makeup in her videos. One of her most-watched videos on YouTube was “How to Get Glass Skin/Korean Skin Routine”. It has over 2 million views. Her daily routine as a young, independent girl living in New York is very inspiring and you will be able to inculcate new beauty habits after watching her videos for sure.

Renée Chow


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Describing herself on Instagram, Chow notes that she tries every product so that you don’t have to. She has experience of a decade working for various skin and body care brands and has very great insights on them. Her wisdom about ingredients, formulation, pricing and packaging is priceless. She believes that K-beauty is very innovative and she is always so excited to talk about it with people.

Edward Avila


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A post shared by Edward Avila (@edweird0)

Edward Avila soon rose to fame after his transformation videos started popping up on everyone’s feed. The Seoul-based beauty/makeup guru talks about a lot of topics included in K-beauty. Think skincare, looks inspired by famous Kpop idols/Chinese stars, different hairstyles, makeup tips and reviews — he does it all.

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7 Korean beauty influencers who should be on your list

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