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All you need to know about the latest anti-mascara trend!

The anti-mascara trend makes for yet another unusual and crazy beauty hack courtesy of the viral TikTok videos.

Every day we are introduced to a new hack or trend to make makeup and skincare a lot easier, especially with TikTok dropping a bunch of crazy ideas that are hard to move past. After a flock of celebs contributed their fair share to contouring hacks, and easy concealer tricks and even started using fruit as makeup, we have the latest anti-mascara trend making rounds on not just TikTok, but on our gram feeds too. Well, don’t go by the name, it sounds like we’re boycotting mascaras, when in fact we’re actually turning them into a multi-purpose product. 

With the beauty industry going from ‘clean girl aesthetic’ to a futuristic and bold mode, such trends contribute a ton in the evolution of the beauty domain. As per the name, the anti-mascara trend is all about dissing its traditional application to get fuller lashes and instead using it in a quirky and unique way to replace your eye shadows and even your winged liners. Well, it seems like our guilty pleasure of scrolling down reels and TikToks is finally paying off. So, let’s have a look at how these TikTok influencers add their flavors to the anti-mascara trend. 

Experimenting with the anti-mascara trend

The cat-eyed anti-mascara

First up, Lena Bagrowska took social media by storm with her deconstructed cat-eyed liner with a mascara wand. Taking the anti-mascara trend a little too seriously this influencer and makeup artist decided to play with the spoolie of the mascara and form a deconstructed cat-eyed look by just dabbing the tip of the brush on the crease and the outer portion of the eyes. Well, as weird as it may sound it looks absolutely fierce and fabulous. 

The multi-purpose anti-mascara

Continuing the experimental streak, we have Divina Muse taking the reigns and adding her gothic touch to the trend. The ace influencer is seen embracing the trend in multiple unique ways of her own. So, dip that wand, skip the lashes and just give your eyelids a daunting makeover

The bold and basic anti-mascara

Keeping it simple here we have Serena Sophia Lakkiss trying her hands on this extremely unusual trend and looking nothing like we imagined. The trend sure might seem a little messy at first, but it’s the end results that’ll change your mind. It’s an unconventional avant garde take on eye make and we’re here for it. 

Halloween sure might be a little far away, but you can always bookmark this anti-mascara trend for when you feel like taking the unusual route or bringing your gothic side out! 

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