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Beauty Sweep: Glossier Monochromes, Le Labo Thé Matcha and all the launches to know about this week

Because it doesn’t matter whether bathroom cabinets are overflowing and shower caddies are stuffed full to the brim after clever Tetris-ing, there is always room for more pretty carafes of creams, serums and fragrances. For emergency purposes! You never know when you’ll need an iridescent shimmer or a vibrant shade of lipstick that, actually, will look very apropos with something you’ve just added to cartBeauty Sweep is a weekly roundup of the best new products you don’t want to miss.

Burberry Kisses Matte Lip

To some, matte lipstick during winter? No-no! The dry weather will only enhance chapped lips. But, case not applied to Burberry Beauty’s latest addition to its Kisses Lipstick collection: The Matte Lip Colour.

Now hang on, doubtful naysayers. This lipstick has been one step ahead and formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to lock in moisture on the lips. For a whole 24 hours, even. It’s a smooth, creamy texture with intense colour pay-off, so you know that swipe of fire-engine red is staying put all day long.

And if anything, matte should be the finish for cooler months. That smooth, velvety texture is perfect with the frosty weather. Especially when in a deep berry like Oxblood 97. Burberry Beauty knows it.


Gucci Beauty Palette Beauté Des Yeux Flora

Those familiar with the House of Gucci will know of its distinct dreamy, fantastical nature with an affinity to the natural world. An aesthetic carried through to the Italian House’s beauty selection, especially tangible in the brand new Beauté Des Yeux Flora, Gucci Beauty’s first eye-shadow palette.

Twelve (twelve!) matte, metallic and satin shades have been curated to reflect changing seasonal blossoms for thoughtful year-round wear –– spring’s brighter blues to autumn’s deep rusts and reds –– and are set within a vintage floral-printed case of ruby roses. Sure enough, each shade is named after a different bloom: Iris Améthyste is a metallic purple; Jasmin Blanc, a creamy matte ivory; and Gardenia Rose, a shimmery metallic pink bronze.

Your next look will be inspired by nature. This palette guarantees it.


Glossier Monochromes

Say what you want about eye-shadow, as tricky as they are to layer and pat on, it adds the most irresistible definition to the eyes. The windows to the soul! Explains why everyone always defaults back to a classic smokey.

Now if matching the right shades was your eye-shadow nightmare, Glossier’s new Monochromes will be your favourite dream. The brand’s first powder eyeshadow palette is fitted with three tonal (“essential”, says Glossier) shades –– one matte, one satin and one metallic. They all go happily together, removing the guesswork once and for all with the easy-to-use trio. All you have to do is carefully dab over the eyelids (without pulling!), easy peasy. The pans are refillable, too, should pinkish neutrals be too elementary for a Monday morning and you’re compelled toward a canary yellow (Rosin) or dusty lilac (Mist). Just a click-and-snap of your preferred colour and you’re good to go.


Le Labo Thé Matcha 26

At New York-based boutique perfumer Le Labo, fragrances are more than just a last-minute spritz on the wrist. The beautifully simplistic clear glass bottles are odes to specific snapshot scenarios — say, a humid summer in the woods. And in other cases, a dedication to a single inspiring muse.

Santal 33 is a signature that brings to mind the latter. So is Rose 31. Now, Thé Matcha 26 is the latest addition. Warm, relaxing notes of the verdant tea leaves are blended with creamy fig, cedar wood, vetiver and bitter orange. It’s a magnified focus on Japan and its famed ingredient, yet also one of sense. Of stillness, serenity and zen. It’s made to be a nostalgic reminder of something familiar –– a home, a loved one or a treasured moment in time.

Le Labo categorises this as a “skin scent”, the kind that’s only perceptible when in closeness to the wearer. A scent reserved for only the nearest and dearest.


beauty sweep october 13

Glow Recipe Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum

They say that routines should always have a side of balance. Spent the morning at the gym? Enjoy that side of skinny fries at lunch. Toughed out the weekly work grind? Treat yourself to a well-earned day off.

And for spending the summer soaking up too much sun? Get on with Glow Recipe’s new guava dark spot serum.

A silky, water-based gel specially designed to check off any concerns related to dark spots and dullness, this serum is formulated with five different kinds of Vitamin C with guava extract for a potent, antioxidant rich mixture that leaves the skin smoother and brighter than ever. It even smells like guava too, to which I say can probably counts as one of your five a day.


beauty sweep october 13

Gisou Honey Infused Face Oil

What you need to know about Gisou, founded by Dutch influencer Negin Mirsalehi, is that its range of hair care is just like magic –– promising shiny locks as silky and as luscious as those atop the beauty founder’s head. Just take a look here.

Now the brand is expanding to skincare. With its very first product being an antioxidant-rich, moisturising face oil, infused with the same natural botanical ingredient in its shampoos, hair masks and famed hair oil: Honey. Particularly honey from the Mirsalehi Bee Garden, where beekeeping has been the family trade for over six generations.

This honey-infused face oil is a true 95.7% cold-pressed concoction of honey, Vitamin E, safflower, evening primrose and rosehip seed oils that pumps the skin with maximum hydration, smoothing out fine lines and skin texture and strengthen the skin barrier. A drop or two will be all you need. Mix it in your moisturiser if you must. There’s a reason they call it liquid gold.


Topicals Slick Salve

American-based brand Topicals has fast become a fervently raved-about favourite, so much so when they launched the new Slick Salve –– dropped in the same way as a limited-edition fashion capsule –– it sold out. And hasn’t been back since.

But in a glass-half-full hopeful attitude that it make a return soon (their Instagram hints it will be for the holidays), here’s a couple reasons why this balm should top any wish-list. First, It’s an oil-based ointment which locks in moisture, keeps in hydration and prevents any dry, chapped skin that comes with the changing of seasons. It’s all-purpose, which means glazing over anything from lips, cuticles to smoothing out hair flyaways. And it’s made in a sleek, compact case for easy, on-the-go applications.

Formulated with a hydrating trio of stem cells, peptides and amino acids, its your trusty drugstore ointment packaged in a very photo-friendly packaging. And we’re here for it.


Header image courtesy of Gucci Beauty

Beauty Sweep: Glossier Monochromes, Le Labo Thé Matcha and all the launches to know about this week

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