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Celebrity makeup artist Alvin Goh on how to achieve flawless skin

Everyone can agree that maintaining great skin is an essential marker of good health. However, it’s particularly challenging to keep skin problems at bay when you’re constantly inundated with stress (particularly for those who travel a lot), whether from mental or environmental sources.

At a recent product launch for La Prairie for its latest skin-enhancing Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation — featuring the Swiss skincare house’s powerful skin-rejuvenating product — we also got to speak to the Asia brand ambassador, Alvin Goh.

Alvin Goh - La Prairie

After demonstrating the best ways to make the most of the Skin Caviar Essence-in-Foundation on model Angie Ng — using two shades of the cushion foundation to ingeniously create a subtle, dewy contour effect popular on many Korean stars these days — we sat down with the famous celebrity makeup artist. At 40 years young, Goh looks not a day over 23,  so we absolutely had to ask him about the secret to his shockingly ageless skin. Despite admitting he started using a proper skincare regime quite late in his twenties, he concedes, “It’s never too late to work for great skin.”

Here are his best tips on achieving a flawless complexion:

Stay out of the sun

“I think the most important thing is to never go out into the sun — unprotected, at least. Always put on SPF. I’ve been putting on SPF since my mid-twenties; I started quite late actually. AI’m from Singapore, so the weather is 365 days of summer. Sunscreen is very important. Actually, if you start using sunscreen for just 3 months, you can actually see a drastic improvement in your skin health. 30 is enough.”

Exfoliate your skin

“Exfoliation is so important. We have so much dead skin going on: We can put on the most expensive makeup, but it won’t absorb unless we get rid of that dead skin.”

Alvin Goh - La Prairie

“I mask my skin every day. I like sheet masks when I’m on the plane, but at home I like those that come from jars. I just slap on the cream and I like to leave it on for a little while so it can absorb.”

Invest in a good dermatologist

“As much as we have amazing technology with skincare products now, skincare products can only do so much. It’s good to go to a good dermatologist twice a year, just for regular maintenance, like with lasers and stuff, to help the skin with better absorption.”

Alvin Goh - La Prairie
Simplicity is key

“I do not buy into that whole trendy Korean 10-step beauty routine. I think it’s just too much! There’s only so much the skin can absorb in one go. Including your makeup, that’s more than 10 steps. Skincare should be simple and easy. It shouldn’t be too fussy.”

Lip balm

“When I just need to step out of the house, my essentials are sunscreen and lip balm. Tinted lip balm, to be exact. I like to give a little tint on the lips: As long as you have glowing skin, a little colour on the lips makes you look fresh.”

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