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Shine bright like a diamond this summer with these face gems

It’s all glitz and glitter this summer.

Maybe it’s because we’ve had it with Hong Kong’s stringent restrictions whilst the rest of the world moves on, but lately, I’ve seen a rise in eye-catching, sometimes OTT makeup, as if people are trying to lash back at the authorities. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether there’s a direct correlation between the two, but it makes sense that we’re all about expressing ourselves in dramatic ways — through makeup, fashion and whatnot — after three years of rules and regulations.

And so comes the emergence of the face gem trend this 2022. Or should I say, the re-emergence of face gems. Because this trend, just like blue eyeshadow and money piece highlights, is returning to the stage after a 20-year hiatus. Coming straight out of the late 90s and early 00s, bejewelled rhinestone accents have been spotted everywhere around the world, from the catwalk at Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Week to almost every scene on Euphoria. And of course, the streets of Hong Kong, too (but maybe to a lesser extent).

Either way, what used to be worn exclusively at red carpet events or during Halloween is now making an appearance in our daily lives, and I’m not complaining. Stopping by the mall or going to the movies? Make it a commotion by donning the hottest makeup trend of the season: face gems.

From glue-on adornments to gemstone stickers, there are an infinite number of ways you can rock the face jewellery trend. Pick your favourite rhinestones, pearls and sequins and apply them along your eyelids, as freckles, on your nails and yes, even on your teeth. Here are our picks.

Face gems to help you achieve main character energy:

At HK$25, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ face, body and nail pearls are an affordable way to elevate your everyday look. Three sizes make it easy to mix and match and create the right vibe — the tiniest of pearls add a subtle touch of glam, while the largest pearls help complete a bold, daring look. To use them, simply peel off the face gems from the packaging and apply onto dry skin.


I’m getting major sweetheart vibes with Colorpop’s Mixed Crystal Face Jewels. This sheet of iridescent pastel stars, hearts and gems catches the light in all the right ways, enough to make anyone starry-eyed. Bonus: each jewel is not only self-adhesive for easy application, but also reusable so you can experiment with different looks throughout the summer.


Get lit with the Holographic Face & Eye Stickers from beloved beauty brand Lime Crime. Drenched in euphoric colours, these self-adhesive embellishments come in 44 shapes — we’re talking electric bolts, diamonds, stars and more — and three liner sets. Stick them below your lash line, above your crease, under your brow and everywhere else to add a little excitement to your nighttime look.


Who else loves Melanie Martinez? Bring her hit album to life with the CryBaby Teardrops from Cholas x Chulas, a small Latinx-owned beauty brand that specialises in all things sparkly. 70 droplet-shaped jewels with a fierce holographic glow come in three colours and two sizes for you to DIY to your heart’s content.


Instead of crying over your acne, make your breakouts a little more fun — okay, maybe a little more bearable — with Squish’s Flower Power Acne Patches. Healing, protecting and cute AF, these non-drying acne stickers are made from hydrocolloid, which helps draw the blemish to your skin’s surface. Just pop a patch onto your whiteheads before you go to bed or before you head out and peel it off later to reveal flawless skin.


Get glowing with MAC Cosmetics’ collection of face glitters. The brand offers glitters in 12 basic shades, three holographic variations, one iridescent pick, one option shaped like hearts and another shaped like stars. What you do with these loose glitters is up to you — mix them in with your makeup to add a radiant effect, or use them alone to make a statement.

Header and featured images courtesy of Squish
Shine bright like a diamond this summer with these face gems

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