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Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose is a new perfume inspired by the crown

The past couple of years have borne witness to a renewed interest in the British monarchy. This fervour was spearheaded by Netflix’s multi-award-winning drama, The Crown, which emerged in 2016 as a gripping exposition into the lives of modern royalty. The flame of public fascination was further kindled last year with the announcement of HRH Prince Harry’s engagement to American actress, Meghan Markle.

We hesitate to call it royal fever, but the eyes of the world do seem primed to appraise everything the Royals do or say, how they look, or what (and who) they wear. No time is more fitting than the present to offer consumers a slice of the crown — a move that heritage British perfumer Penhaligon’s has made with the release of its scent, Elisabethan Rose.

penhaligon's elisabethan rose
The 1984 edition of the perfume.

Elisabethan Rose is not new per se. First released in 1984 to celebrate the Queen’s favourite flowers, the perfume has been given a total makeover in this year.

Cinnamon, almond and the bright greenness of hazelnut leaf form the soft spicy note that teases with the first spritz. This elegant start segues into the soul of this elegant fragrance, which is, of course, the rose, but a very specific variety known as rosa centifolia. This hybrid blossom is blended with Rose Absolute oil and red lily to create a sparkling, honeyed rose bouquet with a vegetal hint. Musk, vetiver and wood are its base notes, and these give the scent a sensual character.

penhaligon's elisabethan rose
The new fragrance.

The pale pink liquid is housed in a delicate glass vial, stamped with a rose emblem that signifies the Royal house. Wear it throughout the day and revel in its sophistication, or in bed at night to feel like a queen.

Available at Penhaligon’s boutiques.

Penhaligon’s Elisabethan Rose is a new perfume inspired by the crown

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