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Beauty Review: The Plasma Botolift Facial by Margy’s Monte Carlo

The Peninsula Spa’s new treatment features Margy’s Monte Carlo’s products combined with the use of cold plasma technology.

For me, The Peninsula Spa has always been the crème de la crème of all spas. In addition to its holistic healing treatments, the hotel has an extended partnership with Margy’s Monte Carlo, an anti-ageing programme by beauty expert Margie Lombard. Last month, Lombard and the skincare brand’s Global Training Director, Yoko Aubert, visited Hong Kong for a few weeks. I managed to catch them during their short stay for an interview, and of course, a trial of Lombard’s signature treatment, Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial.

Margy's Plasma Botolift Facial
The Peninsula Spa with Margy’s products

But first, a primer on the Margy’s brand. Monaco-based and produced in Switzerland, Margy’s Monte Carlo uses rare active ingredients to reduce the visible signs of ageing. It has three collections — Pour La Vie, Prestige and Anti-Ageing — and its range includes everything from face serums and eye creams to collagen masks and body lotions.

The collaboration between Margy’s Monte Carlo and major hotels such as The Peninsula means that the general public, like me and you, can experience the most effective ways to use her products. “We know that our Botolift products are exceptional for smoothing, plumping fine lines, wrinkles and firming the skin. We wanted to incorporate innovative technology to further enhance these benefits and go deeper into the skin,” said Lombard. And thus, Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial was born.

The treatment

Drawing on the professional expertise of The Peninsula Spa, as well as the proven effectiveness of Margy’s Monte Carlo products, Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial is a new customisable treatment using cold plasma energy to promote skin tightening and rejuvenation with instant results.

The high-performance 100-minute facial treatment uses Margy’s Botolift Collagen Mask to firm and nourish the skin, boost elasticity and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. At the same time, it allows a deeper penetration of active ingredients for a boost of hydration.

According to Lombard herself, Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial is suitable for “anyone interested to visibly reverse the signs of ageing and who is concerned with fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scar and skin imperfections”. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a certain type of skin — the facial is about improving what you already have.

Margy's Plasma Botolift Facial
The PlasmaGun and products used in Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial

As for my experience, I was thrilled to have Aubert herself perform the treatment on me. The process felt very holistic and natural, using primarily hand massage techniques to relax my face. I felt myself drifting in and out of sleep. At one point, Aubert worked my face with the PlasmaGun for eight minutes. We focused on my chin area, which had some dark spots from past acne, as concentrated cold plasma therapy is supposed to reduce pigmentation and scar imperfections.

“The Plasmagun offers additional healing, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and healing effects,” said Lombard, when asked about the steps in the treatment. “After such a deep cleansing, cellular renewal effect, it was important to ensure the skin is deeply hydrated, which is why we perform a signature extra rich firming mask massage and Collagen Botolift Mask to replenish the skin.”

The Algae Mask Massage was applied next for 10 minutes to detoxify and hydrate the skin, followed by the signature Lifting and Firming Extra Firm Firming Mask massage for 15 minutes. To finish the treatment, the Collagen Botolift Mask was applied to soften fine lines and wrinkles, while Aubert continued to massage my scalp, neck, backs of arms and hands.

The results

I wouldn’t say I came out of the facial looking five years younger or anything, but my skin definitely felt a lot better. By better, I mean it was hydrated and glowing — an observation that Aubert pointed out to me delightfully. I spent the rest of the day shopping in public without makeup and didn’t feel insecure like I usually do.

Enjoy Margy’s Plasma Botolift Facial for HK$4,800+10% on weekdays and HK$4,900+10% on weekends. Find out more on The Peninsula Spa website.

(Lead and featured images courtesy of The Peninsula Spa)

Beauty Review: The Plasma Botolift Facial by Margy’s Monte Carlo

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