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8 best face scrubs for dry skin to achieve a renewed glow

Exfoliation is as important for our skin as moisturisation. While hydration keeps your skin soft and glowing, exfoliation removes dead skin cells, dirt and impurities to enhance its texture. But when you have sensitive skin or it is a little too dry, you might be sceptical when it comes to scrubbing. Worry not! Exfoliation doesn’t mean your scrub needs to be abrasive and will dry your skin. A face scrub for dry skin contains gentle, nourishing ingredients like avocado, grape seed, walnut, almond and oatmeal. These are natural elements that do wonders to rough, dry skin and turn them soft and supple.

How to choose face scrubs for dry skin

When you’re scouring the market for face scrubs, you must consider your skin type and what could solve your skin concerns. For dry skin, consider incorporating products with natural oils in your skincare routine, as they deeply moisturise your skin without leaving any residue. However, they are not great for exfoliation. So, you need something complimentary but organic to avoid the risk of harming your skin.

Ingredients such as coffee, sugar, oatmeal and ground walnut work well when it comes to unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. As these are naturally derived ingredients, they are also safe on your skin.

If you’re not sure of products available on the market, you can also prepare a homemade face scrub. While sugar and some coconut oil can make up for a good scrub, some find granulated sugar to be a bit harsh on the skin. But you can replace it with alternatives like oatmeal, cinnamon, finely ground almonds and gram flour, which contribute to enhancing skin texture. These are items easily available in your kitchen and effectively cleanse your pores. Don’t forget to add hydrating elements like yoghurt, milk, aloe vera, honey or any natural oil to ensure extra nourishment and rejuvenate dull skin.

Here are the best face scrubs to smoothen dry and rough skin

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I use a scrub on dry skin?

Answer: Exfoliation is important for dry or flaky skin. Avoid mechanical exfoliation on dry skin, because the process will further dry your skin, and it can lead to microtears. AHAs are effective for dry skin. Glycolic acid can also help remove dead cells sitting on the surface of the skin and encourage healthy skin cell turnover.

Question: How often should I scrub dry skin?

Answer: If your skin is excessively dry, it is recommended that you scrub it only once or twice a week.

Question: Are there any side effects of using scrubs on dry skin?

Answer: Moisturising gentle face scrubs usually do not have any harsh impact on your skin. But if you often use sugar or salt scrubs, your skin might get too dry and cause redness, allergies, or rashes.

Question: Is coffee scrub good for dry skin?

Answer: Apart from being an excellent exfoliant, coffee is also enriched with hydrating properties which are ideal for dry skin.

Question: Is sugar scrub good for dry skin?

Answer: Like coffee, sugar, too, is a great exfoliant. However, it can be a bit abrasive, so try mixing sugar with cooling ingredients like aloe vera, yogurt, or peppermint that will soothe your skin.

8 best face scrubs for dry skin to achieve a renewed glow

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