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Is buccal fat removal the right way to achieve those prominent cheek bones? Let’s find out!

How many of you wish for a perfectly contoured face on a daily basis? Well, seems like all your prayers have been answered, courtesy of the buccal fat removal procedure. As intriguing as it may sound, it’s crucial to dive deeper into the details before getting lured into the same, and in order to save you the research we have Dr. Rashmi Shetty filling you in with all the minute details.

What if we told you that you don’t have to suck your cheeks in anymore and a perfectly contoured face is coming your way, sounds like a dream come true right, girls? But would you be willing to dive into fat removal procedures to achieve those picture-perfect cheekbones? Yes, you guessed that right we’re referring to the buccal fat removal procedure, a fat extraction technique that we’re all well aware of. You all might have had an idea about how the treatment works, courtesy of celebrated names like Kim Kardashian, Zoe Kravitz, Bella Hadid, and many more such stars but right before you dive into the procedure you might want to consider making a list of pros and cons for the same. It sure can give you the perfect ‘Instagram face’ to flaunt on your feeds, but is it really that harmless or is there another side to this procedure that we’re yet to discover? Well, to find that out and to give you a deeper insight into the fat removal procedure we have Dr. Rashmi Shetty, Global Dermatology Expert & Founder of Ra Skin & Aesthetics sharing her expert opinion on how the treatment works and what future such procedures hold in the beauty bracket. 

buccal fat removal
Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Dr. Rashmi Shetty gives us a deeper insight on buccal fat removal

So, what exactly is buccal fat removal?

Buccal fat is a fat pad on the cheek corner closest to the mouth. Buccal fat removal involves the extraction of this fat pad through an invasive surgical procedure from the inside of your mouth.

…how does it work, and how does it benefit us?

Buccal fat removal highlights the bone structure in your face and permanently contours the face, making it look slimmer.

…the pros and cons of the procedure

There are no real pros to Buccal fat removal, only a long list of cons. 
1. Buccal fat removal is unnatural. The fat in the face is divided into two compartments – superficial fat pads & deep fat pads which comprise buccal fat. As one age, the superficial fat pads move downward and become almost excess. On the other hand, the deep fat pads regress and fade giving structural support to the bones. Hence, buccal fat removal makes your face look artificially slim & gaunt and takes away your youthful appearance. 
2. Buccal fat removal is an invasive procedure that is irreversible. People who previously jumped onto the bandwagon when the trend was popular are displeased with their current look and are returning to fill those areas with a filler or micro fat grafting.

…what is the future of such treatments?

It is strongly recommended to avoid such treatments that are permanent or long-lasting. Particularly, in this instance, if people are still looking for a slimmer and more etched face, there are other ways to achieve the desired result which are safer and allow you to keep your youthfulness. 

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Is buccal fat removal the right way to achieve those prominent cheek bones? Let’s find out!

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