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I tested the HK$20,999 at-home Lyma Laser for a month. Here are my thoughts

The fountain of youth is not a fountain, but rather, a laser. One that’s pocket-sized you can use at home and, in fact, just about anywhere else. This is Lyma. 

The brand and the product 

Heralded as the “most significant beauty launch in a generation”, the Lyma Laser combines ultra-diffused 500mW laser with four optimised blue 10mW anti-bacterial surged LEDs to restore biological cell function. For comparison, most at-home lasers on the market typically range from just five to 20MW in strength — a mere fraction of the Lyma Laser’s capabilities.  

“We spent years building an end-to-end protocol incorporating the proven benefits of our nutraceutical, advanced molecular skin preparation and the industry’s most advanced laser technology capable of rebuilding the skin,” says Lyma founder Lucy Goff. “The Lyma System empowers consumers with the best technological advances, proven to deliver the best results, with no compromise on safety.” 

Lucy Goff / Lyma founder

When used at home for 20 minutes daily, clinical trials have shown a 64% reduction in pigmentation, 56% in acne and 53.8% in wrinkle depth in just five weeks. Sounds too good to be true? We put the Lyma Laser to the test.  

The unboxing 

The Lyma Laser starter kit comes in a sleek black box that also includes a 30-day supply of the brand’s Active Mist and Priming Serum. There’s even a travel pouch and an authentication card that allows you to unlock access to a Lyma wellness concierge, on hand to answer all your questions and concerns. It’s definitely not your average at-home kit.

Lyma Laser Starter Kit

The process 

The instructions recommend six spritzes of the Active Mist — formulated with 36% ASO (Active Stabilised Oxygen) originally developed to assist with skin wounds — as the first step. However, I did feel like that amount was a little excessive for my face and ended up only doing around three spritzes per area during my trial.  

The next step is a couple of pumps of Lyma’s Priming Serum, formulated with a potent combination of patented cosmeceuticals to deliver more hydration to the skin pre-laser. While the serum initially feels a little tacky, it absorbs surprisingly fast into the skin post-application. Following that, you’ll need a final layer of any moisturizer or oil to aid in a smoother, more fluid utilization of the laser as you move it around your desired area.  

The final step — the famous Lyma Laser — is very straightforward. There’s only one mode available; simply switch on the device and hold it for around 20 minutes against whichever part of your body that requires a bit of love. Do this for about two to three months every day and, according to those amazing before-and-after images on their website, experience the magic of skin correction and renewal.  

Lyma Laser

The trial 

20 minutes is a very reasonable amount of time to dedicate to your skin — especially if you’re a vainpot like myself. To really try and gauge the worth of this product though, I tested the Lyma Laser for about a month straight on two areas of concern: My eyebags and my stretch marks on my inner thighs. If you’re keeping track, yes, that’s 20 minutes multiplied by four every night; a commendable achievement, if I could say so myself.  

Following a combination of extra moisturizing and massaging with the laser, I did notice a minor reduction of my stretch marks. It wasn’t as significant as the images on their website, but those were also trialled over a longer period of time. What was more effective, I found, was the lightening of my eyebags. I’ve even taken to giving myself a quick blast every morning just to freshen up a little before work.  

My partner, curious and excited, was also able to indulge in my at-home tests. We aimed the laser at one particularly deep wrinkle on his forehead — the exact size that the laser was able to cover without needing to move it around! — and, lo and behold, a marked reduction in the depth of the crease after only a few weeks; an experience that he says made him look “at least five years younger.” His words.  

Before and after / Model shot by Lyma Laser

The verdict 

Consistency is key when it comes to the effectiveness of this product, at least for the first few months. But, let’s address the big elephant in the room… the price tag. Yep. The Lyma Laser costs HK$20,999.  

In the wise words of founder Goff, “Your body is going to be around longer than an expensive handbag, so now we are seeing people consider the value of feeling and performing at their highest possible level as the best investment they can make, and the most powerful gift they can give.” 

Realistically, I spend about that amount on a facial treatment package. Or, of course, a branded handbag. Or a piece of art! And in-clinic laser treatments? About HK$2,000 to HK$3,000 for a one-hour a session. Is HK$20,999 a big investment? I’m not going to mince my words — of course it is.  

Lyma Laser

The results are not as immediate as high-frequency laser treatments and you really have to commit to doing this daily, but it’s a slow, even process that coaxes your skin into a gentler renewal. A slow refinement. And, after all, aren’t the best things in life worth waiting for?  

Since you’re here for a definitive verdict, this is mine: Given my partner and my visible improvements after just a month, if you’re fortunate enough to have the disposable income to afford the Lyma Laser, this should definitely be in your shopping cart this season.

The Lyma Laser Starter Kit is HK$20,999. This includes the Lyma Laser and a 30-day supply of Active Mist and Priming Serum.  

I tested the HK$20,999 at-home Lyma Laser for a month. Here are my thoughts

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