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Spa review: The SEYO-BGA Pedi:Facial at the Oriental Spa offers top-to-toe rejuvenation

Many spa treatments claim to offer head-to-toe bliss, but perhaps few really take the meaning as literally as this. The Oriental Spa’s latest unique spa treatment adopts technology by German spa brand SEYO for a deeply therapeutic oxygenating session for your skin, and pairs it with the spa’s pride and joy — the award-winning Bastien Gonzalez pedicure — for a treatment that effectively rejuvenates both your face and feet at the same time. While this pairing may sound odd to some: it’s perfect for busy bees who want to get their glow on and nails did, and spend as little time as possible so they can get on with their day.

The Pedi:Facial is done in one of the downstairs treatment suites typically reserved for quicker treatments such as mani-pedis, rather than the Oriental Spa’s more lavish spa suites upstairs. Set in the comparably smaller and unembellished treatment room and with none of the pre-treatment rituals you might typically expect (no aromatherapy sprays, foot soaks, or meditative chants), this is decidedly a more targeted session to maximise benefits.

After settling into the spa bed, my two therapists greeted me, explained the rundown, and got straight to work.

Next to the bed, the SEYO’s Transdermal Application (TDA) system was already lightly purring and ready to go: the TDA is used to effectively allow active serums to be absorbed by the skin via jets of pure oxygen. As you may already know, oxygen treatments and O2 beauty products work to inject the skin with a dose of healing radiance — stimulating collagen-synthesis, reducing inflammation and so forth, perfect for stressed out skin. The result is apparently likened to a cosmetic facelift without needles or needing to go under a knife, but my facial therapist Wendy particularly emphasized how it would help firm my jawline and improve my skin texture, thanks to the powerful oxygenation the machine brings.

Meanwhile, my pedicurist Bina explained how she would be using the pedicure process developed by the hotel’s famed ‘foot virtuoso’ and podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez — claimed by countless media to be the best pedicure in the world — to shape, file, buff and soften the nail surface while also softening and cleaning up the skin around it. She opened up a leather roll of sharp silver scalpels and other shiny tools, looking suspiciously like a surgeon’s kit. “I will be using a drill to file the nail, but it will be painless, so don’t be alarmed by the sound,” she told me.

I wasn’t worried, with two experts working in tandem. Wendy started by doing a double cleanse step using Aromatherapy Associates products (the Oriental Spa’s house range), where a pleasant rose aroma helped me settle my mind into the treatment. She then used a blue sapphire-tipped tool to exfoliate my skin, gently rubbing in circles, particularly under the nose and chin. The texture felt similar to a pumice stone to be honest, but I didn’t cringe in discomfort. She commented how I had tons of dead skin cells that were virtually gliding off my face, an indicator that I didn’t do my daily cleansing well enough. Oops.

While this was all going on, Bina was whirring away at my feet, creating the slight ticklishness that drill-filing and buffing does.

Then, Wendy readied the SEYO TDA wand, and verbally prepared me for a cold blast of air. Exactly as advertised, cold smoke billowed over my head as a sharp jet of icy oxygen was drawn over every inch of my face and neck, making me squirm at first because it was so cold and ticklish. Compared with a cryo-facial, which I’ve tried in the past, this was a lot more targeted and vigourous. It was a little hard to breathe when the wand was poised just under my nose, too. The slightly sharp sensation, I figured, was the ampoule of LP3 serum, which was being shot into my skin via oxygen blast. Containing amino glucose, the serum is supposed to bring extra protein building blocks that helps the skin with collagen and elastin production, while the entire process works to improve microcirculation for that healthy, rosy, ‘just-went-to-the-gym’ glow.

Just as Bina finished off my pedicure with a sublime foot and calf massage, Wendy also moved on from applying a light face oil to massaging my hands and arms — which could have done with a bit more pressure, if I was being nitpicky. But it didn’t matter: With the hypnotic and heady coldness that I just experienced from the SEYO, coupled with the comforting coaxing away of tiredness from my feet and arms, I felt so relaxed that I nearly drifted into a light sleep at this point.

As I opened my eyes at the end of the treatment, I woke to the smoothest toenails I have ever had — each uniform in shape, naturally shiny, thick and ridged nail textures completely smoothed down and any unsightly dead skin beautifully cleaned up. The pedicure certainly lives up to its reputation as something just short of magic.

As for my skin, it was like my face woke up from a full night’s sleep: clear and alert, smooth, firm and luminous, with a healthy rosy tinge emanating from deep within.

Truly, I’ve never felt healthier skin and nails after just one single session, and the Pedi:Facial certainly packs a punch when it comes to maximising benefits. For time-strapped cityfolk who need a mid-week session to clean up, I’d highly recommend this treatment.

The Pedi:Facial Transformation treatment is priced at HK$2,400/60 minutes, and also includes complimentary use of The Oriental Spa’s heat, water and relaxation facilities. The treatment is only available until 31 July, 2018.

The Oriental Spa, 5/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2132 1001

Spa review: The SEYO-BGA Pedi:Facial at the Oriental Spa offers top-to-toe rejuvenation

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