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6 skincare trends that’ll dominate your beauty regimes in 2023

Fashion and beauty, no matter how old the concepts maybe, are two industries most prone to constant evolution. Having said that, with 2022 introducing us to several interesting skincare trends, we are accustomed to change and constant revamping of our nightstands and skincare cabinets. Right from consistency and formulation to the importance of packaging and layering of products, the consumers have become smarter in the choices they are making. This has set the beauty industry on fire to be more experimental and deliver quality and results with every product launch. The year 2023 is going to see a boom in many trends and treatments, and we’re here for it.

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you would know there is no better feeling than naturally glowing skin, right boys and girls? Achieving that glow is no cakewalk, but with the right skincare regime by your side, you can get that glow with just a few drops. Speaking of which, the global skincare market is reaching new heights day by day, year by year. The previous year left no stone unturned in dropping some effective additions to our skincare shelves. From a-typical ingredients, and viral TikTok trends to authentic DIYs, the year 2022 was all about the most interesting skincare trends. And now since we’re offering a warm welcome to 2023 we might not have a crystal ball to predict your skin health this year, but we can definitely assist you with what you can expect from the skincare market around the globe. So, get ready to empty some space in your skincare shelves as we predict trends that are probably going to be everywhere in 2023, including those night stands and organizer shelves

Skincare trends to look up to in 2023

Laser Mixing

skincare trends

Let us begin the year with an all-rounder treatment aka Laser mixing. This trend seems to have the potential to take up most of the skincare market this year. It is a multi-dimensional approach to tackling several skin concerns in one session. So, if you wish to achieve that glow in one go, then laser mixing is the right choice for you this year. 

Hybrid products

skincare trends

Speaking of some skincare trends that’ll dominate 2023, how can one not mention the rising demand for hybrid products or shall we say makeup-infused skincare? Who wouldn’t want the natural glow of skincare and the flawless finish of makeup all bottled up in one magic potion right? It is exactly as intriguing and interesting as it sounds, so it’s time to get rid of your skincare conundrums this year and turn towards hybrid products to find the perfect blend of makeup and skincare. 

The mushroom boom


Skincare trends are incomplete without the mention of a-typical ingredients, and the mushroom boom is one trend taking off in the domain of skincare. In specific, Tremella mushrooms will probably be seen as an effective alternative to hyaluronic acid. With healing and moisturising elements at its core, tremella mushrooms are all set to grab a permanent spot on your skincare shelves. 

IV Therapy


IV drips are yet another skincare trend carving itself a niche. Apart from increasing immunity and curing diseases, IV therapy is now being used to provide wellness and anti-aging benefits too. So, if buying different products is not your cup of tea, well then IV drips are here to help you achieve naturally glowing skin. 

Menopausal skincare

‘Menopause’ is one term not being given the required amount of attention in the domain of beauty, but not anymore. The year 2022 witnessed the advent of menopausal skincare and 2023 is all set to take this domain a notch higher. So, get ready to witness plenty of products ranging from moiturisers, serums, and mists to a lot more, all catering to combat the menopausal cons. 

Refillable products


What if you had the chance to refill your skincare products instead of buying a new one altogether? Yes, it is as tempting as it sounds, and all beauty enthusiasts are in for a treat in 2023, as the skincare and makeup market might catch up on the trend of refillable products. 

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6 skincare trends that’ll dominate your beauty regimes in 2023

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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