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The best at-home skincare tools and beauty tech devices to invest in

Once exclusive to the dermatologist’s office, skincare devices have now found their way onto the vanity tables of beauty enthusiasts everywhere. And with a minefield of products on the market, we’ve helped to narrow it down to the best at-home beauty tech devices to invest in. 

As the world of skincare and technology continue to collide, these high-tech tools have upgraded the skincare game considerably, especially when their benefits include reversing the cruel test of time on your skin. Did we mention some fight acne too?

If you’re new to the game, however, you’ll find it a relatively complicated world to navigate in, mainly because you can’t just stroll into Sephora to give it a test run. Besides, there are a thousand different types for a hundred different uses, so these tech-based options are a worthwhile investment — but only if you pick out the right one. 

Because we’re all about putting our best faces forward this year, we’ve sussed out some of the best skincare devices in the market right now. Here’s what to invest in now for better skin in 2021.

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Armed with the aim of bringing professional clinical machines to the home, the FAQ102 is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools in the market right now, so much so that these clinical rejuvenation treatments — while non-invasive —require a training program via its app so its users know how to harness the device’s full potential. With the ability to transmit heated radio frequency waves, Electric Muscle Stimulation, LED light, and T-Sonic pulsations, the sleek handheld device is the ultimate skin booster seeing as it enhances product absorption, boosts collagen, and smoothens the appearance of fine lines with each session.

The ergonomically-shaped device is best used with the FAQ P1 Primer (HK$540), specially formulated with Manuka honey for a nutrient-rich start to your skincare routine.

Find it at Foreo.


With 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) of long- and short-wavelengths at its fingertips, the LG Pra.L Derma LED Mask penetrates the sub-dermal layer of the skin at different depths to help return youth and elasticity to skin tissue. The nine-minute treatment is effortless, and is designed with a silicone eye shield and sensing detector that protects your eyes from the light. Expect results — think better blood circulation and less obvious wrinkles — to show after a few months of diligent use.

Find it at Fortress.


If you had that slice of pizza last night and are paying the price for it now via a puffy face, this one’s for you. Designed by celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas to mimic the wave-like motion of the lymphatic system, the Magic Glow Wand helps get slow-moving lymph fluids going at the start of the day, reducing puffiness and dullness at the same time. Four modes for specific skin concerns are available here, ranging from the Cool Mode (which mimics cryotherapy to soothe skin), to Hot + Massage Mode (which helps absorb products like masks and serums for more effective treatments).

Find it at Revolve.


Microcurrents have been known to stimulate muscles and tighten the skin, so it was only a matter of time before someone packed all its benefits into a nifty handheld device. This non-invasive option by NuFace gives a lifted effect to brows, cheeks, the jawline, and neck for more defined facial contours, brighter tone, and lesser fine lines and wrinkles. Besides being extremely portable, this one’s also straightforward and idiot-proof so you can enjoy your five-minute lifting facial anytime and anywhere.

Find it at Lookfantastic.hk


Freaky fridays will have a whole new meaning with this, but at least you’ll emerge with lesser wrinkles, pigmentation and acne. This hands-free device sees a combination of 100 red LED lights and 62 in blue that work together to stimulate collagen production while destroying bacteria to prevent future breakouts. It’ll also do the job of reducing any acne you already have, leaving you with a healthier complexion over time. Simply strap the device over your face after cleansing, select the light setting based on your needs, and enjoy the three-minute power treatment from the comfort of your couch.

Find it at Net-a-Porter.


This device harnesses the skin-rejuvenating wavelengths of red LED light to energise cells and stimulate the body’s natural renewal processes, increasing elasticity and plumping the skin over time. Again, the device is remarkably easy to handle; simply press the LED portion against an area of your skin and hold there for three minutes. The device beeps when it’s time to move to a new area of your face — especially useful if you’re prone to losing track of time. For best results, LightStim suggests daily use.

Find it at Lookfantastic.hk

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