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Meet Drunk Elephant’s holiday gift sets, catered to four different skin goals

The road to Sephora’s cashiers is a treacherous one; full of adorable, down-sized treasures sitting pretty on acrylic shelves, waiting to be picked up and brought home on a last-minute whim. For the beauty maven who loves the next and the new, Drunk Elephant’s 2020 holiday gift sets — all cloaked in the brand’s signature zingy neons — will be a fun surprise come Christmas morning.

For the initiated, choose the set that has the full-sized product you already know and love. ‘Dewy’ for the Protini Polypeptide Cream, ‘Softy’ for the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, ‘Firmy’ for the C-Firma Day Serum and ‘Glowy’ for the T.L.C. Glycolic Night Serum.

We’re talking about a your-skin-but-better glow. If your skin has angrily responded to months of prolonged mask-wearing and is in need of some nourishment and proper hydration, Drunk Elephant’s Dewy kit is the proverbial tall glass of water, ready for skin that wants a long, satisfying swig. Creamy balm Slaai cleanses without stripping, while the rest of the set — B-Hydra and A-Passioni and Protini — assembles for a radiant finish. For those with skin unacclimated to retinol, take it easy with A-Passioni with an every-other-day routine.

HK$590 from Sephora

In the unlikelihood of us discovering a full-on Benjamin Button reset, Drunk Elephant’s Softy kit — with it, a full-sized T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial — is the next-great alternative. Prep and cleanse skin with Beste No. 9 before enjoying a 20-minute session with T.L.C mixed in with a couple drops of Marula Oil. A final layer of F-Balm completes the journey for moisturised, hydrated and baby-soft skin.

HK$690 from Sephora

If a tall glass of OJ starts your mornings, do the same for your complexion with Firmy; its full-sized C-Firma Day Serum is the straight-shot of vitamin C your skin will thank you for. This kit is a Drunk Elephant-approved smoothie of C-Firma, D-Bronzi, B-Hydra and Protini, applied premixed from the palm of your hand without waiting for separate layers to dry — that’s how the brand likes to use its serums and oils, by the way! — serving up a healthy dose of antioxidants to protect from pollution and nasties in the air. As always, Umbra Tint SPF offers a last protective layer against the sun’s harmful rays.

HK$730 from Sephora

Did you, like us, attempt a way-too-many-steps skincare routine at some point in this unending year? Enter Glowy: Drunk Elephant’s holiday 2020 solution to simplifying your before-bed regime, so you can get more of those zzz’s and less time touching your face. Starting with cleansing and sudsing with E-Rase and Beste No. 9, this nighttime kit finishes off in a classic Drunk Elephant smoothie blend of T.L.C. Framboos, Lala and F-Balm. When your iPhone alarm inevitably sounds in the AM, at least you’ll know your skin’s super glowy with replenished electrolytes.

HK$770 from Sephora

Meet Drunk Elephant’s holiday gift sets, catered to four different skin goals

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