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Skinimalism trend: The easiest beauty fad that lazy girls will love

You’ve most likely seen it on Pinterest. It’s being discussed on Instagram. And, of course, it’s trending on Tik Tok. Skinimalism, also known as skin minimalism, is the current beauty fad. Here’s all you need to know about this trend.

Are you brave enough to try the new “Skinimalism” fad?

This isn’t your average beauty trend. It doesn’t want to see you pluck your brows or dye your hair. Instead, this is a trend in which less is more. Buying, wearing, and using less. And it has the seal of approval from experts – dermatologists are even on board with this trend.

What exactly is the Skinimalism trend?

Skinimalism or skin minimalism is a trend that is all about embracing your skin and allowing it be the focal point rather than hiding behind layers of makeup. It’s a skincare concept that takes a minimalist approach by allowing your skin to show through. That means not masking perceived “flaws” like natural freckles, but rather letting your natural features and complexion be your hero look. Skin minimalism includes focusing on using products that truly benefit the skin so that you don’t feel the need to cover up or wear as much make-up. The concept of limiting the quantity of products you use on your face is based on the notion that your skin will be able to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Skinimalism, according to Pinterest’s Pinterest Predicts 2021 report, is “the end of the caked-on makeup look.” This new approach stresses simplicity, as well as embracing “slow” beauty and “letting your natural skincare texture shine through,” according to the social media site. In other words, a skinimalist routine just includes the essential products.

How to perform skincare and makeup like a Skinimalist

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Skinimalism does not preclude you from continuing to experiment with colourful eyeliner, sparkly shadow, and vivid lip colours. It just allows you to embrace your face in all of its natural beauty. Consulting a board-certified dermatologist is a foolproof way to find the right skincare products for you.

If you’re not sure where to begin on your skinimalism quest, check out our simple tips below.

Try using multitasking products

Reducing your beauty routines does not imply eliminating effective products from your arsenal. The key is to discover products that have a major impact and can address several issues. Multi-tasking products make your regimen more manageable and less expensive.


It’s easy to appreciate your skin texture when it’s smooth and soft. If you want to naturally glow, incorporating an exfoliating face wash or exfoliating serum into your skin care routine can help enhance the texture of your skin over time.

These cleansers are so mild that you may use them every day as part of your morning and evening face washing regimen (they’re even suited for sensitive skin). You may also include the serum into your regimen a couple of times each week, gradually up to nightly use. The frequency with which you can exfoliate depends on your skin, so pay attention to how it reacts and modify as necessary.

Replace your foundation with a tint

Whether you choose a tinted moisturiser or a tinted serum, both may provide minimal, lightweight coverage while infusing your skin with long-lasting hydration. These creams keep your skin nourished and radiant, giving it the appearance of skin—your skin, but fresher. It may be used in place of foundation for everyday natural appearances or for special occasions to highlight other features of your face while keeping the base simple.

Why are so many people gravitating towards this trend?

Many individuals are following this trend for a variety of reasons. To begin, prioritising excellent skin is an industry ‘trend,’ as we see a shift away from heavy makeup appearances. Skinimalism trend is an outgrowth of the long-popular ‘no makeup’ look. Second, as a result of COVID-19-related factors such as lockdown and going out less frequently, many people have unwittingly embraced skin minimalism. Being at home more often led in many people wearing less makeup on a daily basis, and as a result, they saw an improvement in their complexion and therefore continue to follow the trend even now.

Moreover, the trend is sustainable since it encourages purchasing fewer products, resulting in less packaging and less product entering waterways. It also encourages the use of multi-purpose products rather than a variety of products, resulting in a lesser carbon footprint.

It is also a no-fuss approach to skincare that may eliminate any confusion in comprehending ingredients or knowing what to use. It also saves time, is simple to maintain, and is considerably more cost effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How do you become a skinimalist?

Answer: Here are a few ways: Try using multitasking products, swap foundation with tint, exfoliate, etc.

Question: How do I simplify my skin routine?

Answer: You can simplify your skincare routine by following these steps: Identify your skin goals, For skinimalism choose quality over quantity, Choose beauty tools that are built to last, Prioritize 3 or 4 important products.

Question: Does skincare really make a difference?

Answer: While many may not live up to the hype, using the right products for you and staying consistent may make a huge impact in the appearance of your skin.

Question: What is microbiome in skincare?

Answer: The skin microbiome, also known as skin flora, is a group of microorganisms that dwell on and within your skin. Bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mites are all examples of microorganisms.

Question: Can probiotics help in curing wrinkles?

Answer: Topical probiotics improve moisture absorption and help to postpone the indications of ageing. Lactic acid reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens pores, and has exfoliating qualities that enhance the appearance of dry and dull skin.

Skinimalism trend: The easiest beauty fad that lazy girls will love

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