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Spa review: EstheClinic’s Intense Glow facial combats dull, uneven skin in under an hour

We’ve gushed about EstheClinic’s ultra-speedy, yet effective, AquaPure facial treatments before. Given the current humidity and heat levels this summer, the constant trapping of sweat and dirt under our masks has been the bane of our existence for a while. We decided to tackle this terror once and for all with EstheClinic’s latest Intense Glow facial.  

Uneven skin tone, maskne breakouts, you name it – this season has been a nightmare for most people’s facial conditions. However, as Solène Verrot, Founder & Managing Director of EstheClinic, breezes into the room, I am awash with envy at her flawless, glowing visage. 

“My partner’s uncle is a plastic surgeon in France. He designed and manufactures all the machines we use here,” she explains. “The first EstheClinic in Asia was opened in Singapore. We then opened our first location in Hong Kong in August 2019, and we’ve recently opened our second outlet in Sai Ying Pun this summer.” 

When I bemoan the condition of my skin, she is explanative with her consoling.  

“During the pandemic, facial treatments definitely got a lot more popular. Don’t worry – everyone’s skin is not the same now after wearing face masks every day in this humidity. Our Intense Glow treatment is new, but it’s one of my favourites already, improving skin tone and reducing hyperpigmentation,” says Verrot. 

The vibe 

The Central location is bright and airy, each space designed to be clean and efficient in its processing. We start with a private consultation to assess my skin predicament. To no one’s surprise, I have areas around my lips and cheeks that suffer from uneven skin tone –  a common product of constant mask wearing – and, after a few months of facial-treatment neglect, suffer from an overall duller complexion.  

“Consistency is key,” says Verrot. “It’s good to go for a medical facial once a month, but it’s more important to stick to your skincare routine every day. Never skip your day cream or night cream! This is all for the long run, it’s not magical; it’s routine and results that you have to be patient with.” 

After the brief assessment, I am then led to a bright, clinical room where my consultant swiftly explains the function of both machines.  

The treatment 

The Intense Glow facial ($2,300) is touted as a zero-pain, non-surgical process that requires no downtime, tailored for the working woman to pop in during her lunch break, and leave feeling utterly refreshed.  

My skin is gently double-cleansed to get rid of surface impurities before we began. The first step is about half an hour of treatment using EstheClinic’s patented MacPeel IPL technology, designed to brighten skin and increase collagen production.  

A cooling gel is applied before the machine’s arm passes in quick bursts across the skin. IPL technology emits light waves that triggers the fragmentation of pigments. Although I experienced brief flashes of heat here and there, the discomfort was very minimal, and I even felt myself being soothed by the sound of the rhythmic beeps. Imagining all the gunk being blasted out of my pores was also a very satisfying thought.   

The second part of the aesthetic treatment was to simply rest under the reassuring glow of EstheClinic’s LED light therapy machine. Using a combination of red and yellow light to painlessly stimulate skin repair, regular sessions of LED photo-modulation are meant to provide a re-plumping, anti-ageing effect. I spent those final 20 minutes relishing in the thought of stepping out of the room with glowing skin.   

The verdict 

Immediately post-treatment, I delighted in the same tell-tale IPL glow that Verrot possessed. My problematic T-zone was visibly more even-toned, and small bumps around my chin that had sprung up in recent weeks were all but gone.  

I view my skin through quite a critical lens. I have a set skincare routine every day and night that I perform religiously, but it’s been clear for a while that for conditions brought upon by constant mask wearing, simply relying on skincare products may not be sufficient.  

Given the efficiency of the entire process, and the instant effectiveness of the treatment, the Intense Glow facial at EstheClinic might just become my monthly pilgrimage.  

The Intense Glow treatment is priced at $2,300 with a 50% discount for first-timers at EstheClinic.  

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