It may be a cliche but it’s true: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you find beauty in someone’s smile or the way they carry themselves, we can all agree that the foundation of true beauty lies in the skin. Consider, for instance, geishas, who for centuries have been admired for their porcelain skin and breathtaking beauty, a legacy that continues even today.

Tatcha is a beauty brand that finds its inspiration in the beauty rituals of Japan’s geishas, and they’ve created a skincare line that focuses on both traditional and modern wisdom, transforming these rituals into products that allow us to explore a new sense of beauty.

Tatcha cleansing oil
Tatcha’s cleansing oil (HK$400) is your make-up remover and cleanser all in one.

The brand’s products are all about purifying, nourishing and protecting the skin, while keeping your beauty regimen as simple (yet effective) as possible. Changing our skin one ritual at a time, Tatcha most recently launched the Kyoto Cleanse. Featuring a cleansing oil and a collection of enzyme powders, the cleanse features some of Japan’s best-kept beauty secrets.

Ideal for every skin type, the Tatcha Pure Camellia cleansing oil is an effortless way to melt away impurities and make-up, so you can enjoy fresh, clean skin at the end of the day. The trick is in the Japanese Camellia oil, which is rich in oleic acid and contains nourishing ingredients such as vitamin A, B and E. The cleanser is also filled with antioxidants, moisturising properties and Hadasei-3 complex (which is made from green tea, red algae and rice bran extracts), allowing the cleansing oil to boost your anti-ageing regimen.

tatcha enzyme powders
The unique enzyme powders (HK$600) will be your new favourite beauty product.

Tatcha’s Polished rice enzyme powder is one of the brand’s most noteworthy products. The enzyme powder helps clear debris from your skin, leaving your complexion smooth and soft. The rice bran helps soothe the skin while providing it with much-needed anti-oxidants, protecting and repairing your skin from the sun. Whether you have sensitive or irritated skin, the collection features four different types of powders so you can find your perfect match.

Available at Joyce Beauty, G/F, New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2869 5816,

Tais Elize
Taïs Elize is a half-Dutch half-Surinamese fashion model who has been travelling the world for more than a decade. As a stylist, Taïs believes fashion isn’t about the overall collections; rather, it's about admiring the individuality of each piece and appreciating the beauty that lies in the details. Follow @taiselize on Instagram.