In the past, the kind of skincare routine that was recognised as ‘comprehensive’ comprised of just three steps: cleansing, toning and moisturising — a hallmark that started with Clinique’s iconic system launched decades ago. In recent years, with the invasion of Korean-inspired 10-step routines, plus the advent of targeted serums, creams, balms, masques and tonics to purify, tone, exfoliate, soothe, lift — our beauty cabinets and nightly rituals are more packed than ever.

These days, beauty companies are harnessing technology to deliver results and convenience. We don’t mean newfangled ingredients that tout the latest advancements in dermatology but actual gizmos made to recreate a spa experience at home. Call it a revolution if you will — the latest technology has us pressing nifty little gadgets against our faces to cleanse, exfoliate and even get rid of eye bags. In fact, some of these companies claim that their futuristic devices will save you trips to the dermatologist or the beauty salon, letting you pamper your skin with a therapist’s touch, but in the comfort of your own home.

Like everything else in our lives that technology touches, such developments are a game changer to our habits — they catapult skincare into the future.

Here’s our pick of five high tech beauty gadgets to incorporate into your skincare routine.