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Try these skincare must-haves for some spa indulgence at home

Whether it’s in between salon visits, or settling into a luxurious self-care routine at the end of the day, who doesn’t love a bit of spa indulgence in the comfort of your own home?

Whilst spas and wellness centres remain temporarily closed for just a few more days, you can take the opportunity to transform your humble abode into a soothing home spa.

Whether you’re working from home, teaching your kids, or simply looking to forget the outside noise for a couple hours, treat yourself (and your skin) to these lovely products from some of the most notable skincare brands around. Looking to tame your tresses for summer humidity from home? Head on over or scroll down below to find our favourite home spa recommendations to get you feeling pampered from head to toe.

For the face

Here are the best luxury home facial cleansers, moisturisers, face masks and creams to update your daily skincare routine.

  1. Aesop
home spa - Aesop

Recognised for its minimalist appeal, Australian-born Aesop has attained a cult following since its debut but is celebrated for so much more than its aesthetically-pleasing design. Synonymous with the legendary storyteller, the brand is committed to expressing its ethos through science by integrating plant-based ingredients in its formulae.

Complement your at-home facial routine with Aesop’s Fabulous Facial Cleanser (HK$240/100ml), an olive-derived formulation which effectively cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils — which is so important in the humidity and heat of Hong Kong’s approaching summer. When you’re ready, apply Aesop’s Blue Chamomile Facial Hydrating Masque (HK$380/60ml) for 30 minutes to intensely refresh and replenish the skin with the soothing synergistic blend of Bisabolol (German chamomile oil) and ginger root.

  1. Rituals
home spa - Rituals

Founded in the Netherlands, skincare label Rituals is often inspired by Asian philosophies when releasing new collections and products. Under the Ritual of Namaste, the Glow Mask (HK$295/50ml) is a telling feat, using some of nature’s finest ingredients from holy lotus to saffron fire. A delightful surprise turns the mask texture from peach to white as you rub it into your face to boost skin radiance and increase cell turnover.

  1. Hourglass
home spa - Hourglass

With a drive for positive change, cruelty-free beauty label Hourglass has made its mark in the luxury cosmetics market with its high tech skincare and makeup formulations. The Equilibrium Biomimetic Skin Active Serum (HK$1,950/28ml) is formulated to promote natural cell turnover and hydration for the skin at night. The liquid aims to give a balanced, improved appearance of texture and tone, all during your undisturbed beauty sleep.

  1. Caudalie
home spa - Caudalie

French skincare label Caudalie’s Vinoperfect collection uses all-natural, brightening formulas from grape vine sap to offer solutions to dull skin. The iconic Radiance Serum (HK$720/50ml) has been perfected over 15 years and serves as a bestseller for anti-dark spots effectiveness. Viniferine—the substance derived from the vineyards of Bordeaux, where the brand resides—is packed with anti-oxidising polyphenols to firm skin for a clearer complexion. Apply this milky serum in the morning and evening after cleansing for optimum results.

  1. Tata Harper
home spa - Tata Harper

The hype surrounding Tata Harper skincare label has not gone unnoticed. Following an all-natural principle with its GMO-, toxin-, artificial colour- artificial fragrance-free manufacturing, each product is handmade in Vermont, using over 300 raw ingredients at the highest levels of concentration. Have your skin pumped with goodness by misting the Hydrating Floral Essence (HK$780/125ml) to plump and firm after cleansing.

  1. Fresh
home spa - Fresh

Boston-born Fresh beauty is as its name suggests—the brand uses the cleanest, purest ingredients in its formulations. With kombucha hot on the radar in the wellness world, lauded for its health benefits as a probiotic, the brand has taken its own spin on the fermented tea by introducing the now iconic Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence (HK$860/250ml). The essence is designed to protect against indoor, outdoor and digital light pollution whilst preventing dullness and dryness in the skin. Pores and fine lines are left refined and skin more luminous.

Meanwhile, Fresh has also launched a new Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum (HK$520/100ml) balances oil and rosewater to deeply hydrate and nourish for dewy, healthy skin. A fast-absorbing formula, the serum is a preparation stage before toning and moisturising.

  1. Absolution
home spa - Absolution

For those dealing with skin ravaged by sensitivity, acne or even by abrasion with constant surgical mask usage, this intensive treatment is made to restore balance, reduce redness and purify the skin: Absolution’s Anti-Blemish Treatment (La Cure Peau Nette) (HK$570/15ml) just might become your new go-to. There are no parabens or synthetic fragrances in this product, and skin is said to be clearer within 15 days of usage. Apply this in the morning and evening.

For the body

Nourish your skin with moisturising lotions and bath oils for an evening of pre-bedtime pampering.

  1. Bamford
home spa - Bamford

With a farm-to-spa philosophy, British organic skincare brand Bamford artisanal products are nourishing and formulated with essential oils and botanicals. The plant-based Jasmine Hand & Body Wash (HK$190/250ml) is formulated with aloe vera to moisturise, and enriched with orange blossom and cedar wood for an aromatic body cleanse.

  1. Aman
home spa - Aman skincare

Anyone familiar with Aman’s luxury hoteliers would know that the brand is synonymous with some of the highest end of resorts across the world. With a portfolio of infamous wellness experts and spa specialists, it comes as no surprise that Aman launched its own skincare label on its 30th anniversary to celebrate its expertise in wellbeing. As you may expect, the line is chock-full of purifying potions made from nourishing, natural ingredients.

The newly-launched Ultimate Bath Set (US$313, approx. HK$2,426) is exclusively sold on the Aman online store and includes four of its most revitalising products: the Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts, the Nourishing Golden Body Serum, the Nourishing Body Mist and the Grounding Smoked Body Butter. Run the bath with bubbles and you’ve got a full evening of high-end pampering ahead of you.

  1. Kiehl’s
home spa - Kiehl's

Polish your body with one of Kiehl’s signature skincare remedies, from the brand with over 150 years in the making. The Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (HK$265/240ml) is a lightly-scented exfoliant composed of natural loofah, oatmeal, aloe, and chamomile. Try the grapefruit scent for a refreshing, gentle skin-smoothing scrub during your shower routine.

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