We all love a manicure or a pedicure once in a while, whether it be for general upkeep, to follow the latest nail trends or just for something new to match your wardrobe. Whether you’re giving yourself a quick file at home or indulging in a full-fledged moisturising treatment, a little bit of care goes a long way in transforming unsightly imperfections on your hands and feet. But what about when it comes to a Vanicure? This new beauty buzz word — coined by cult brand The Perfect V founder Avonda Nelson Urben — is the beauty regimen for the bikini line, and one that all women can get behind. “When I’m saying I’m getting a manicure, a manicure can be anything — but you’ll just know that I’m taking care of it,” said Urben, who was compelled to introduce an upkeep solution for women through her line of gorgeous, discreet and high performance products.

Vanicure - The Perfect V

“I thought, I used soap: I felt okay with that, but it doesn’t feel very special. It got me thinking — there’s no real line or regimen that’s like what you have for the face and the rest of the body. There’s niche body products for everything, even down to the lashes. Women are removing more and more hair, so there’s more skin to take care of, so why wouldn’t we have anything special? I wanted to elevate it because it’s a body part that should be special,” said Urben.

Moving to Copenhagen after living in New York for 15 years, Urben was struck by the body confidence of Scandinavian women, whether it was plunging nude into a Finnish lake in the wintertime, gossipping with her girlfriends sans bathing suits in the sauna, or changing in front of each other at the gym or swimming pool.

Vanicure - The Perfect V

Coupled with Urben’s cosmetics background from working as head of marketing in L’Oreal in New York to consulting for boutique brands, she began to find a gap in the market for a luxe product line dedicated to the bikini line that celebrated femininity — without being self-deprecating, too utilitarian or disguised behind whimsicality. “It’s soft, pretty, all about self care and clean beauty. Similar products have been marketed to us as big ugly things, they say things like ‘for ingrown hair.’ Do you want that in your bathroom when your boyfriend comes over? They’re things you’d want to hide,” said Urben.

Chances are, you may have already heard of one of The Perfect V’s products: the Shades of V – Very V Luminizer, for instance, has been widely hailed the “vagina highlighter” by US media, which has been misleading. “I’m not talking about the vagina — I know many people think V stands for that — but it’s basically for the shape; the outer triangle area. A few of my products are developed to go on the inside with no problem, but The Perfect V is really for the visible areas when you’re wearing lingerie or a bathing suit, or just to make yourself feel perfect and feel great. It’s all about the sense of body confidence,” said Urben.

Vanicure - The Perfect V

In a world of empowered social media full of body positive mantras and visual exposure to female models of all sizes — take, for instance, Rihanna’s online lingerie line, Savage X Fenty — brands that champion female power are sorely needed, and rapidly catching on worldwide. We’re happy to learn that The Perfect V is financially backed by a woman, designed by a woman, developed by a woman, the brand ambassador is a woman, and it’s been tested by women — it’s a truly feminine brand but with a modern edge.

The eight products within the Perfect V range were developed together and launched at the same time, and much like our favourite skincare brands, they run the gamut from cleanser to serum to intensive moisturiser, the luminiser, and even beauty sheets, which is a luxe alternative to a cleansing wipe (“Great for fitness, after fitness, festivals, even dating.”). There’s even a VV Beauty Mist, a pH balanced spritz that’s popular in salons after waxing, but also make for a great travel item especially for hot weather. They’re not designed as an 8-step regimen, but rather for customers to pick and choose according to their needs. The trademarked “VV” cream (like BB or CC creams but for the bikini) are made to pamper, moisturise and gently exfoliate the area with salicylic acid.

Vanicure - The Perfect V

Dermatologist and gynecologist tested, products also do not contain parabens, SLS, or fragrance. “I tried to make it organic, but none of the labs would do it — they said there’s too many issues in the V area where women would get too sensitive with essential oils and things like that,” said Urben. An investigation on common Nordic ingredients such as lingonberries or elderflower led to a happy surprise: Urben’s chemist confirmed that ingredients such as cloudberry, rosehip and bilberry gave a motherlode of benefits, from soothing the skin to being anti-inflammatory, calming, reducing redness and evening the skintone — all perfect for the bikini line.

All that’s left to do is to equip yourself with your tailored suite of V-care products, so you can have your at-home Vanicure. Urben suggests daily cleansing with the gentle wash, followed by VV cream or serum, and weekly use of the gentle exfoliator. And if you’re traveling the US, Scandinavia or Europe, you might just be able to book yourself into a spa Vanicure, a comforting, cleansing treatment — much like a facial — that pampers everywhere from the hips to the top of the stomach.

Looking to start your home Vanicure regimen? Look no further than our top product picks below.