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Spa review: Get sculpted with Bliss Spa’s latest body treatments

Everyone wants to look snatched to the max with minimal effort. This week, we review Bliss Spa’s latest treatment package.

Located on the stunning but jelly-leg-inducing 72nd floor of the W Hong Kong, Bliss Spa has been a staple for city-goers in need of a little R&R since their opening more than a decade ago. Famed for their lounge rooms and prolific treatment choices, we step in this week to review their Beach Body Ready package, because, well, we’ve overindulged a bit (read: a lot) this season. 

Treatment room at Bliss Spa

The vibe 

The immediate lobby is an oasis of calm, complete with soft jazz and a spa receptionist with the most soothing voice I’ve ever heard. After a few declaration forms, I was ushered upstairs to the very spacious changing rooms where another member of staff proceeded to walk me through the lockers and facilities. She also possessed a very zen voice. Was this in the criteria for applicants to work in the spa? Either way, it works, and I am sufficiently relaxed and ready for the impending 20,000 sit-up stimulation.  

The spacious couple-treatment room features immense windows with a complete view of our beloved Victoria Harbour. I nervously ask if they’re one-way windows to which my beautician replies, “At night, if the lights are on, people would be able to see in.” 

Since it’s still daytime, I ease onto the bed with relief. The team has thought of everything here, even providing me with a jewellery holder to keep my earrings, a mask holder, and a bottle of water.  

The treatment 

Bliss Spa’s Beach Body Ready package (HK$4,500) consists of a 2-part treatment. 

The first is a RF (multipolar radio frequency) and MP (magnetic pulse) sculpture on addressed areas – mine being my stomach and waist. The machine head produces a dense heat which is meant to cause collagen synthesis and contraction with immediate results including cellulite reduction and skin tightening effects.  

Initially bracing myself for possible discomfort, the heated pulses were, in reality, very relaxing. There was an occasional ache with the pull of the machine head, but apart from that, I had no complaints. I even managed to doze off for a bit after I got used to the sensation.  

Muscle Up Town Down at Bliss Spa

I was gently woken up by my beautician who proceeded to strap me into the second machine. I was immensely excited for this part as the Muscle Up Tone Down program is meant to both stimulate muscles and break down fat cells into fatty acids. This should result in firmer and toned muscles within just 30 minutes. What have I been slaving away in the gym for all these years? I haven’t, really, but that’s beside the point – it all sounded too good to be true. 

The intensity of the machine ranges from one to 10. My beautician recommended level five to begin with. “I have a client who goes all the way up to nine, but she’s been here many times,” she says. 

I take her advice and start at five, definitely feeling the tingles, but I wanted to really get into it, so we top it up to seven. At that level, the jolts are definitely not relaxing. My abs were forced to tense for periods of maybe four to five full seconds before being ‘released’, and, boy, was that really something.  

To ease me into the half an hour treatment – I was squeaking occasionally when the machine hit certain areas – my beautician rounds off the experience with a phenomenal scalp massage.  

The verdict 

Immediately post-treatment, my abdominal area was sore with slight aftershock tingling. The treatment is allegedly equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups. I’ve never come close to doing that number of sit-ups in my life, but the ache was definitely reminiscent of post-exercise tenderness. 

Visually, my stomach did look a little flatter and I could even see a very shadowy hint of abs. The benefits of the treatments are meant to last a while, including a temporary improved metabolism. For the curious, there was no downtime at all, and I was able to go about my day as usual. (Bonus: It’s also nice to boast about having done 20,000 sit-ups to colleagues when you stroll back into the office.) 

I cannot fault the overall experience at Bliss Spa. The spa team is informative and efficient, their wellness treatment is expansive, and the facilities are still top-notch. While I certainly enjoyed the physical benefits of this package – my abs were sore for a couple of days afterwards – it’s important to note that this is not a total substitute for exercise, rather, a supplement.  

Muscle Up Town Down at Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa’s Beach Body Ready package is priced at HK$4,500, subject to 10% service charge.  

The package includes a 45-minute 4D RF (radio frequency) and MP (magnetic pulse) thermal body slimming and firming treatment, a 30-minute muscle up fat down treatment at your choice, a voucher for 30-minute vital dome detox and slim experience, a glass of seasonal detox drink and complimentary access to Hong Kong’s highest outdoor harbour view swimming pool and gym facilities. 

W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, +852 3717 2797 

Spa review: Get sculpted with Bliss Spa’s latest body treatments

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