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These beauty apps are the only skincare and makeup arsenal you need

It is 2021, and everything is virtually available at one’s fingertips. The need for flawless skin and picture-perfect makeup has spurred the emergence of beauty apps that have turned our smartphones into beauty experts.  

It is much easier and quicker to get all glammed up in a matter of a few clicks and taps. Whether you want to amp up your skincare arsenal, look your absolute best on your big day or simply oomph up your beauty routine, check out some of the best beauty apps of 2021 for Android and iOS that have everything you need.  

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Think Dirty  

Think Dirty helps you track dirty or problematic ingredients in your skincare or makeup and analyse them on a safety scale by simply scanning the barcode. The app carefully evaluates and verifies ingredient labels to give the product a rating from 0 to 10 using its ‘Dirty Meter’.   

You can find thorough information on the safety, ingredient details and certifications of rated products to decide whether to continue using them or opt for cleaner alternatives.   

Another notable feature is ‘My Bathroom Rating,’ which allows users to keep a list of the safe products in their bathroom and what needs to be cleaned. You can also create shopping lists within the app to buy or save products for later.   

Download the app on iOS and Android

Skincare Routine 

Do you struggle with your daily skincare routine? Skincare Routine demystifies a plethora of layering steps for skincare novices and helps them keep track of product usage as well.   

The app helps create a customised skincare and beauty routine for AM/PM and automatically alerts you. This is the digital equivalent of a professional to help you avoid using conflicting products together, recommend products for your specific skin type and the correct order of layering various products.   

You can click selfies and add them to the app that will track the progress of your skin and schedule products to be used on specific days over a week or month.   

Download the app on iOS and Android 


In need of a custom skincare routine that keeps you healthy inside out? Think of Cloe as your custom skincare diary that lets you curate your morning and evening skincare routine down to a T. You can track your diet, water intake, sleep and stress levels that all eventually have an impact on your skin. 

The calendar feature lets you organise your entries over a month and the AI-powered statistics will give you a score on your skin’s progress. You can also add images of different parts of the face that enable users to track whether their current skincare routine is working or not.

Download the app on iOS and Android 

Image: Courtesy Noah Buscher/ Unsplash

Trove Skin 2.0 Tracker 

Trove Skin 2.0 Tracker is a fully-enabled, AI-powered app that follows a holistic approach to improve your skincare routine. Starting with a skincare scan and quiz, the app identifies your skin triggers including skincare products, diet, lifestyle choices, habits, etc. and gives recommendations for morning and evening routines. 

It also lets you keep track of your favourite products, their expiration dates, mood, stress levels, skin progress and make notes. You can click on photos of your face from different angles to log your skin’s daily progress. This lets you know exactly what works for your skin and what does not.  

Download the app on iOS and Android 

FeelinMySkin – Skincare Routine Assistant 

This is an easy-to-use beauty app with a simple interface to help users identify their skincare concerns and then create a tailored skincare routine that works specifically for their unique skin needs.   

By creating dedicated morning and evening routines for each day, the app will help you follow up consistently without skipping. The app lets you mark your favourite ingredients and those you are allergic to for custom alerts in the future. You can also discover useful skincare tips and ingredients for the day, along with a breakdown of skincare and makeup ingredients to learn a lot while staying on top of your skin game. 

Download the app on iOS and Android 

Facetory: Face Yoga and Exercise 

In need of a natural facelift or stress-busting face massage? This beauty app will be your personal face yoga trainer. The AR Coach will scan your face to suggest custom face yoga techniques for face sculpting and anti-ageing benefits.  

The highly advanced voice and facial movement recognition technology will ensure that you are doing facial yoga correctly and engaging your key facial muscles for better results.    

Download the app on iOS and Android 

YouCam Nails – Manicure Salon 

YouCam Nails is a virtual manicurist that lets you browse through a vast array of professional nail art designs with its try-on feature to see how it will look on your hands. You can also watch tutorials on trending nail art designs, create a custom manicure using decals and patterns, share your designs or get style tips from other users.   

The app not only simplifies the process of trying out nail designs without the hassle of using nail paint remover. You can also use this app to handpick your design and eliminate the runaround on your next salon or at-home manicure.   

Download the app on iOS and Android

best beauty apps 2021
Image: Courtesy Designecologist/ Unsplash

UVLens – UV Index  

UVLens helps protect your skin from ultraviolet exposure by using the UV index forecast to tell you whether it is safe to go outside or not. You can personalise the app by setting sunscreen reminders and understand how much sunscreen you need to lather for protection.  

The app also makes personalised risk assessments by understanding your skin type and tracking the time you spend in the sun. Based on that, you can plan the right time to go outdoors.  

Download the app on iOS and Android 

Skin Bliss 

The powerful AI of Skin Bliss analyses your skin and then matches skincare products or cosmetics that best suit your skin type. The app lets you identify if your current skincare regimen includes parabens, sulphates and cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly products.  

It can help users diagnose common skin problems such as acne, dryness, oily skin, eczema and wrinkles and recommend relevant skincare products to address those conditions. It also recommends beauty tips and safe skincare products specific to lactating and pregnant women. 

Download the app on iOS and Android 


Mimoglow has a huge database that lets you search and get in-depth information on various skincare ingredients, how to use them, add custom skincare routines and, ingredients to avoid using together, add notes for future reference, buy products in one click and wish list product recommendations.  

The app gives reminders on morning and evening routines, product purchases, open and expiry dates to level up your skincare routine.  

Download the app on iOS and Android 

Hero Image: Courtesy Ivan Samkov/Pexels; Featured Image: Courtesy Moose Photos/Pexels

These beauty apps are the only skincare and makeup arsenal you need

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