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9 ways you can add CBD to your daily routine

Following CBD’s foray into the mainstream market in Hong Kong, businesses are keeping up with the trend at lightning speed.

The opening of Hong Kong’s first CBD café, and the increasing number of CBD wellness products. sold here are a strong testament to its rapid-growing success. Claiming to alleviate a whole host of ailments from skin problems to migraines to anxiety — as well as to mellow out the jittery effects of caffeine, CBD’s versatile benefits have easily allowed it to fit into all sorts of routines and lifestyle preferences.

From morning coffee infused with cannabidiol tinctures to post-work CBD beer, infused lip gloss to ‘bath balms,’ CBD is establishing itself in consumers’ daily routines and self-care regimens. 

Whether you’re a seasoned CBD lover or completely new to the benefits of this herbal extract, we’ve compiled the CBD products that should be on your radar. 

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CBD Cold Brew by Pal

Coffee is part and parcel of a lot of our morning routines, fueling each workday without fail. That said, we know that caffeine withdrawals and jitters are far from ideal. Luckily, Pal helps customers kill two birds with one stone: This CBD-infused cold brew helps customers start their day feeling focused and energised, while helping with stress relief. Just pour in water the night before you want coffee in the morning, zip it up and wake up to mellow, focused energy.

HK$80 per bag (with 10mg of CBD) from Pal


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CBD Mooncakes and Cookies at Found

As Hong Kong’s pioneering CBD café opening just earlier this summer, Found has already attracted a loyal following for its CBD infused menu items, from coffees and teas to baked goods and snacks — Found is the ideal place for a calming energy boost. For a delightful afternoon treat without a sugar crash, sample the CBD cookies at Found. Still haven’t found mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn festival? Found has risen to the occasion, providing CBD-infused mooncakes in different flavours (including matcha) that will make the holiday even sweeter.  

Note: pre-ordering is temporarily unavailable, but mooncakes can be enjoyed in store. 

Unit A, G/F, 8 Tai On Terrace, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
+852 5288 2281

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Restorative Floral Bath by NatureOfThings

What better way to treat ourselves than with a bubble bath? Unwind and recharge after a long day with the Restorative Floral Bath by NatureOfThings. Part of a slate of products launched during Joyce Beauty’s summer CBD beauty pop-up — the first mainstream foray for cannabidiol-based beauty items in town — the popular Restorative Floral Bath is still available at Joyce Beauty stores due to popular demand. Infused with 250mg of broad spectrum CBD, the nourishing, minerally charged formula can help replenish tired skin. Massage onto the body before dipping into a long soak to help the soothing aromas of plumeria and jasmine emanate. 

HK$1,250/250ml from Joyce Beauty


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Luxury Lip Shine by Saint Jane

With a luminous, sheer colour and antioxidant-rich formula, the Luxury Lip shine by UK-based brand Saint Jane helps customers look their best and feel their best. Coming in a handful of different shades such as ‘Elixir’ sheer pink and ‘Alchemy,’ a shimmering brandy rose, there is a hue for every occasion. This high-shine, silky gloss is infused with 50 mg of full spectrum CBD obtained with Supercritical C02 extraction, ensuring the purest form of CBD. 

HK$250 from Joyce Beauty


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Focus by Treaty

While navigating our hectic professional lives, we may risk feeling burnt out due to high stress levels. Luckily, the Focus tincture by Treaty can help help us get organised with the tasks ahead. Enhanced with white pine, ginseng, and spearmint, these alpine scents transport us to a calming forest to soothe any anxieties. With 10mg of broad spectrum CBD per dose, Focus can help us approach the work day feeling calm and, for lack of a better word, focused. 

HK$1,350/30ml from Joyce Beauty


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‘HEA’ CBD Beers by Young Master Brewery

We all love to embrace downtime with a beer in hand, but after one too many, the ensuing next-morning headache or worse, full-blown hangover is not so ideal. To counteract the negative effects of alcohol, enter CBD-infused craft beer. Fittingly, Young Master Brewery has named their line of CBD beers after the Cantonese slang word ‘Hea’, which refers to a blissful state of idleness. Sample the first launch in the series, which is an elegant and balanced pale ale, with a dosage of 60mg/L. ‘HEA’ combines the health benefits of CBD with a delicious, rounded pale ale — we challenge you to name a better collaboration.

HK$160 per four-pack cans from Young Master, Found CBD shop & café and a number of specialty bottle shops and retailers

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CBD Gummies by Gentle Bro

Though small in size, we can’t underestimate the allure of gummy candies. Made with simple, natural ingredients, Gentle Bro offers CBD Gummies in two flavours: Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade. Vegan and cruelty free, these gummies will be gentle on your conscience and also help you wind down when you need it most. Each jar has 30 gummies, each containing 10mg of premium CBD. For an easy way to de-stress and to help soothe anxiety, Gentle Bro’s CBD Gummies can do the trick. 

HK$380 per jar from Gentle Bro


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The CBD Bar by Conspiracy Chocolate

True chocolate connoisseurs will delight in the CBD Bar by Conspiracy Chocolate. Specialising in handcrafted, bean to bar chocolate made in Hong Kong, Conspiracy Chocolate prides itself on high quality ingredients, using only pure cacao and organic cane sugar. Each bar contains 100mg of CBD (20mg per serving) in the form of CBD isolate and hemp hearts. Together, the properties of cacao and CBD work together to help with stress relief and improving sleep quality. On top of the health benefits, the vibrant and aesthetically-pleasing packaging of the CBD Bar makes for a wonderful gift. 

HK$160 per bar from Conspiracy Chocolate and at various retailers.

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Life CBD

Believe it or not, our furry friends may also reap the wellness benefits of CBD. Pure, THC-free CBD is pet-friendly, since all animals have an endocannabinoid system — meaning that pets also have the mechanisms to process and enjoy the benefits of CBD. There are products specifically dosed for pets (and you can switch up the amount depending on your pet’s size), but any solid CBD powder or fluid can be incorporated into your pet’s food and drink. It’s best to consult with the vet to find the appropriate dosage.

Available from Life CBD and at Found CBD Shop

(Image credit: Life CBD)

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