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Best non-slip yoga mats for all your specific needs

Opting for the right yoga mat might seem like choosing an ice cream flavour—is there a bad option? But then you grab a mat that leaves you slipping and sliding during a yoga session. That’s when you realise that not all yoga mats are created equal.

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or a HIIT junkie, you can quickly go from a downward dog to chest-to-floor burpees with the right mat. An ideal yoga mat should have a super grip and make savasana much comfier. However, with so many options in the market, it can be challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff. So, we did that job for you. These are the highest-rated, most durable, and cushiest options out there. Check them out, add them to your cart, and get on the mat with these beginners’ yoga poses.

Yoga mats that provide great grip and support

Adidas by Stella McCartney Mat

This mat can be the right pick if your hands get super-hot and sweaty during a workout. The mat promises an excellent grip and comes in purple. What’s more, the mat is relatively light without being too slippery. The best part about the mat is that it doesn’t leave a rubbery smell on the palms. 

Price: HKD 401

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Best Yoga Mats Adidas

Lululemon Antimicrobial Yoga Mat 

Lululemon’s mat is incredibly durable. Your hands won’t slip, and it’s super easy to clean. You can’t go wrong with this natural rubber mat with an antimicrobial additive. Whether you are in a handstand or giving your shot at elbow push-ups, you feel the support because of the thickness of the material.

Price: HKD 375

Shop For Lululemon Antimicrobial Yoga Mat Here

Nike Move Printed Rubber Yoga Mat

You don’t need to shell out a bomb for a high-quality mat. The textured mat ensures that your hands don’t slip, even if they get sweaty. We also love how the thickness provides excellent support to the knees. In addition, Nike’s ‘Move’ yoga mat can accommodate even the most dynamic poses.

Price: HKD 291

Shop For Move Printed Rubber Yoga Mat Here

Best Yoga Mats Nike

NO KA’OI Logo Yoga Mat

If you are hoping to take your practice to the next level, this mat can be an excellent investment. The microfibre mat has the perfect amount of cushioning and the patterned design help in alignment, stride, and symmetry. The add-on? You can choose from several colours to match your mood.

Price: HKD 1186

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MANDUKA Green PRO Yoga Mat

The last thing you want when you’re easing into your flow is sore limbs from a lack of cushioning. This super cushiony mat is perfect for those looking to advance their practice. This latex-free mat is everything you need to perfect that handstand. Oh, and the mat is machine washable.

Price: HKD 1010

Shop For MANDUKA Green PRO Yoga Mat Here


Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Alo Yoga’s gear is where the magic happens. While they have a slew of options, we recommend getting your hands on the Warrior Mat. Its matte finish and perfectly cushioned for joint support. Made with all-natural rubber, the mat is non-toxic and PVC-free. 

Price: HKD 1064

Shop For Alo Yoga Warrior Mat Here

Alo Yoga - Best yoga Mats

These chic mats get the job done while looking pretty. So, give them a cameo on your Instagram feed and prepare for all the affirmations.

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Best non-slip yoga mats for all your specific needs

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