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Ditch the guilt! Enjoy these fresh fruits to lose weight

Feeling bloated yet can’t stop having sweets lately? Want to go left on the weighing scale without the unhealthy starving and bizarre diet fads? You do not have to think too hard as the solution to this dilemma could be as simple as choosing the right fruits for weight loss from nature’s bounty.

Nutritionists say that naturally occurring whole foods, when consumed in moderation, not only help you feel active and satiated but also aid in maintaining optimum weight without rigorous exercise and diet. However, all fruits contain sugar in varying amounts, but they are packed with a lot of fibre and micro-nutrients, too. Hence, we must include certain fruits more than the rest, to get fit and feel fab.

Make wise choices to cut down on fat with these fruits

fruits for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Viktoria Slowikowska/Pexels

The fitness industry has evolved over the ages. Now, the mantra is to avoid processed and packed food as much as possible. With the farm-to-table concept gaining prominence, healthier eating options are available in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. But since a few fruits contain more sugar and calories than others, they are not recommended to eat often. Instead, eating them in the right amount, at the right time and combining them with other foods, like whole grains or protein, can be nutritionally beneficial.

A common assumption is that the consumption of fruits that are high in calories, like bananas, a bunch of grapes and mangoes, leads to weight gain. While this might be true to some extent, fruits should be included in the diet in moderate quantities because they include the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

Additionally, fruits with high water content and fibre make us feel full, and they are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients to quell one’s urge to binge on sugary or salty junk food. Thus, the intake of calories can be reduced without compromising on nourishment.

Fruits good for weight loss


fruits good for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Viktoria Slowikowska/Pexels

Although this fruit might be dismissed as common, it tops this list for being a nutritional addition to the diet. The humble fruit, according to Healthline, contains about 5.4 grams of fibre and only 116 calories per large fruit. According to a study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine in 2008, 49 women with similar body mass index (BMI) were chosen for a survey. Their energy values and subsequent reduction were monitored after consuming three apples, and other fruits or foods with similar fibre composition were added to their diet. Those who had apples had considerable weight reduction and high energy levels.


fruits for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels

Juiced orange has been a staple of every breakfast for a long time, but nutritionists insist on having this fruit whole rather than juicing it to tap into the benefits of this vitamin C-rich food. As per a 2020 study conducted by the National Library of Medicine, eating orange whole leads to an increased feeling of fullness and ensures an adequate supply of fibre to the body.

This wonder fruit contains only 72 calories and 3.7 grams of fibre. It packs in around 81.9 milligrams of vitamin C, according to Medical News Today.


Image: Courtesy of Timo Volz/Unsplash

Berries, especially strawberries, contain less than 50 calories per cup but fulfil around 99 per cent of the recommended daily requirement for vitamin C and around 26 per cent for manganese, as per Healthline.

Consumption of these fruits has been linked to reduced cholesterol, inflammation and blood pressure. Dieticians recommend replacing sugared candy with berries (frozen or otherwise) to cut down on cravings and to lose weight.


fruits good for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Łukasz Rawa/Unsplash

Grapefruit, which contains around 120-150 calories, according to Healthline, has around 5 grams of fibre and is recommended by medical practitioners to improve cholesterol levels in adults. This study by the National Institutes of Health looks at adults who took grapefruit juice before meals instead of water, which led to around a 7-per cent reduction in their weight and lower cholesterol levels.


fruits for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Dan Bucko/Unsplash

Did you know? Eating a couple of kiwis consistently for over 12 weeks can lead to losing a few inches around the waist. This survey, approved by the US Southern Health and Disability Ethics Committee studying a random group of individuals having prediabetes, indicates the same.

Low on calories (only 44 grams per fruit), it has around 2.3 grams of fibre and contributes to fulfilling around 71 per cent of the dietary requirement for vitamin C, as per Medical News Today.


fruits for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of readymade/Pexels

Avocado, which could be dubbed the calorie bomb of all fruits, has gained a lot of prominence over time with the weight loss industry as a substitute for fatty spreads and butter, and all the hype surrounding it is valid. Even though it contains 161 calories per half a fruit as per Healthline, it can be added to the diet as a healthier option to tap into the massive amounts of folate and vitamin K it comprises.


fruits good for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Any Lane/Pexels

This popular South American fruit has been often dubbed as exotic, making its way into cocktails. However, this is essentially one of the most well-known low-calorie fruits with a high nutritional value. At only 18 calories, one portion of this vibrant fruit contains fibre, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and potassium.

Having said that, the magic of this fruit remains in its seeds, for they contain a component called piceatannol, which is associated with reduced blood pressure, as per Medical News Today.


fruits good for weight loss
Image: Courtesy of Brooke Lark/Pexels

This juicy, sweet and sour tropical fruit contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps tenderise meats. Additionally, it slows down digestion, leading to weight loss. It is loaded with vitamin C and manganese as well.

One cup of fresh pineapple, according to Medical News Today contains over 82 calories and meets the 131 per cent recommended dietary index of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin A, calcium and iron.


Image: Courtesy of Sahand Babali/Unsplash

A summer essential, this fruit is a rich source of vitamins A and C, beta-carotene, lycopene, potassium and magnesium. It is equal parts antioxidants and water, and its one cup does not exceed the 65-calorie mark. Not only is this fruit good for weight loss, but it also protects the skin from sunburn, according to this 2011 National Library of Medicine study.

Stone fruits

stone fruits
Image: Courtesy of LUM3N/Unsplash

Peaches, cherries and apricots fall under the drupes section of fruits. All of these have high contents of vitamins C and A but are super low on calories. While a cup of pitted fresh cherries provides 97 calories, one peach provides 68 calories and one cup of sliced apricots amounts to around 79 calories, according to Medical News Today. Stone fruits are also included in the low-glycemic (low GI) diet and are considered the perfect snack for losing weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Which fruits are good for weight loss?

Answer: Apple, berries, watermelon, passionfruit and oranges are some of the fruits that aid in weight loss.

Question: How much fruit intake is okay for weight loss?

Answer: One moderate portion of any fruit, preferably on an empty stomach, is recommended for best results.

Question: Which fruit burns fat?

Answer: Avocados support weight management and have been linked to burning fat, according to the study conducted by the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition'.

Ditch the guilt! Enjoy these fresh fruits to lose weight

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