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Spa Review: Wellness expert Anna Flores launches The Chaless in the heart of Central

The Chaless is a newly-opened wellness hub with a modern approach to beauty and transformative treatments.

Founded by wellness expert Anna Flores, The Chaless is a passion project years in the making.

“I love the spa industry,” she says. “I’ve been in Hong Kong for almost 20 years, active mainly in the beauty and wellness realm. As I matured in this field, my values have evolved and my perception of wellness includes nurturing people by providing them extra attention and care, improving the quality of their skin with a more gentle approach, achieving results without the harsh elements of fast treatments. I want to recreate the concept of slow beauty; embracing the benefits of natural wellness treatments through massage and facial care.”

Anna Flores / The Chaless

A wellness haven

Named after her three children, Flores hopes that The Chaless will be a safe haven in our city; a place where clients can retreat from the hubbub of their lives and be well looked after by her team. The spa’s most popular treatments so far have been Heavenly Glow Facial Ritual ($1,380 for 90 mins), Thalgo’s Pro Collagen Facial ($1,280 for 70 mins) and CBD Oil Mood Boosting Massage ($880 for 50 mins).

“To maintain healthy and glowing skin, a facial every three weeks is ideal,” says Flores. “Those suffering from acne, breakouts and oilier skin types are prone to bacteria build up, so frequent facials are highly recommended to keep the skin and spread of germs at bay. For those on budget, once every six to eight weeks would be ideal to protect skin from seasonal damage and change of weather and living conditions.”

The Chaless

The treatment

I’m all for creative treatments. Untraditional approaches to age-old problems. What might mine be, you may ask — well, after turning 30, I definitely noticed some… jowl undesirables happening. Is it gravity, weight gain, or, rather simply… age? Either way, I will try anything to slow that train down, hence, choosing the Kobido Purity Face Rituals ($880 for 60 mins) for my treatment of the day at The Chaless.

Kobido is a Japanese-style deep manual massage that focuses on facial muscles, stimulating collagen while also draining excessive fluids to flush out toxins. Do it often enough, and you should be noticing a natural lift of the skin.

We started off with beautician Kabita doing a skin analysis of my face to check which area needed a lil’ more love. Some of the images taken with the facial device looked horrific — are my pores really that large? — but she assured me that this was normal. The Kobido facial treatment also comes with all the frills of cleansing, a facial scrub and an excellent neck and shoulder massage. I’ll admit that I even dozed off during the final step with the hydrating mask on. Bliss.

The Chaless treatment room

The vibe and verdict

The Chaless may be located in the middle of Central, but stepping through those doors really seems to transport you away to an oasis, fully renovated and furnished with a wholesome, warm vibe. Flores is also a strong supporter of women-run brands, stocking several beauty and wellness lines in the venue.

From the start to the end of my experience, the staff were friendly, attentive and knowledgable. Though one session alone isn’t enough to fully reap the benefits of a Kobido treatment, I definitely noticed a more even, hydrated glow to my skin in the days that followed.

Flores and her team have put together quite a neat range of treatments that I’d be keen to come back to try such as the Crystal Roller Rituals Facial ($880 for 60 mins) and the Cappelluto Massage ($880 for 60 mins). So, I guess it goes without saying that this is spa is one I would definitely return to.

From now until the end of the year, The Chaless is offering 30% off facials and massages, and 20% off nails and waxing treatments.

The Chaless, G/F, 16 Aberdeen Street, Central, +852 2997 6389

Spa Review: Wellness expert Anna Flores launches The Chaless in the heart of Central

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