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20 Instagram accounts that will make you love Hong Kong

Hong Kong is many different things: urban, rural, chaotic, controlled, cutting-edge, stuck in the past and, above all, utterly one of a kind. That’s right, there’s no other place on Earth quite like Hong Kong, which has an idiosyncratic, instantly recognisable appearance courtesy of towering skyscrapers, densely packed residential blocks, vibrant markets, glowing neon signs, the iconic harbour and much more. Of course, we’re not the only ones who’ve realised how stunning the SAR can be, as is evident in the sheer number of photographers who’ve chosen the city as their primary subject. Fortunately, many of them post their breathtaking images on Instagram; whether you’ve lived here your entire life or never even set foot in Hong Kong, these accounts will awe and inspire you with their different perspectives. Click through to discover 20 Instagram accounts that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with Hong Kong.

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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Elaine Li now works as Art Director for Ogilvy & Mather after studying in Melbourne and Chicago. Her keen eye for aesthetically pleasing visuals is what makes her Instagram photos so breathtaking.

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Daniel Lau is a rooftop photographer who shot to global fame by taking a selfie video on the fifth-tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong just last year, so if you’re looking for the best bird’s-eye view of the city, there is no better person to follow.

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Hong Kong-based British photographer Edward Barnieh captures the quietness amidst the urban buzz of Hong Kong, with a series of architectural photos that capture light in the most serene way.

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Vivien Liu is an architect and a photographer who takes beautiful photos of the streets and buildings of Hong Kong. Calling herself an imperfectionist, she is most fascinated by architectural elements that are less staged and feature more individuality.

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Hailing from the UK, Derry Ainsworth originally came to Hong Kong to pursue a career in architecture. Instead, he found himself falling in love with the city landscapes and started taking photos that display exaggerated viewpoints and perspectives of the city that are uniquely his own.

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Kay Kulkarni is a Hong Kong-based photographer with a background in digital, PR & social media. Together with members of his ‘rooftopping’ group, The Moose Collectives, he features different facets of Hong Kong by contrasting the old with the new in a series of mind-blowing photographs.

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Originally from France, Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a fine-art photographer living in Hong Kong. Since moving here, he has successfully published several books that capture the city’s unique look, the latest of which is called The Blue Moment.

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In an ever-changing city like Hong Kong, new architecture is replacing the old almost too quickly. Which is why we love this account run by Angus Law, who focuses on the more cultural and historical aspects of Hong Kong, some of which are slowly fading away.

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Kevin Mak, a local architect, is most gifted at finding beautiful aesthetics hidden within the city. His photographs feature soft natural lighting that reveals a more restrained side of the chaotic city that never sleeps.

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Vincent Cuk, who travels between Hong Kong and Shanghai, shares photos that feel almost like a travel diary. His subjects act as your ultimate guide to the city, whether gazing at a beautiful pagoda or walking up the stairs to a gallery.

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Jack Fung, a photographer from Hong Kong, frequently captures the interplay between the modern metropolis and natural lights, presents us with a series of photos that are striking and National Geographic-worthy.

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Priyanka Boghani is a journalist with a penchant for colour, chaos and character. Born in Mumbai, raised in Hong Kong and with degrees from the UK, she calls herself a ‘third-culture child’. In addition to photography, she aims to offer a distinctive perspective through her writings, which you may find here.

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While other photographers are attracted to the urban landscape and busy lifestyle of Hong Kong, art director Kyle Yu offers a more unique view by focusing on the abstract elements that appear within the city. His photos featuring straightforward compositions and clean lines and shapes might look simple, but they’re powerful nonetheless.

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Jeremy refers to his work as narrative photography and loves to reflect the current happenings in society and its culture through his lens. To learn more about the life of a young, native Hong Konger, he’s the person to follow.

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Similarly, Hong Kong photographer Sunny Liu sees photography as an art of observation, and captures moments of everyday life from the perspective of a local.

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A minimalist, Harold Lee often captures clean lines, geometrical shapes and patterns of different architectural styles in Hong Kong. He also uses film for his photographs before transferring them, creating images with more texture than digital photography can sometimes provide.

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Jethro Mullen, journalist at CNN, likes to photograph skylines and landscapes, and invites us to think about the history behind his subjects.

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This is an official account run by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and on top the beautiful skyline and architectures, it also shows you the exciting happenings within the city.

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From the towering skyscrapers of Central to the verdant landscapes of the outer islands, the best of Hong Kong is captured by this account. The images themselves come from Instagrammers who use the hashtag #hongkonginsta on their posts.

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This account features photos posted with the hashtag #instameethk, but the curation is immaculate, and only the most breathtaking photos are selected for reposting.

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