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Arturistic’s “Interwoven” exhibition brings Hong Kong art to London

Eight distinguished Hong Kong artists are making their way to the UK.

The first physical incarnation of “THE NET by ARTURISTIC” initiative by Arturistic is here. “INTERWOVEN: HONG KONG ART MEETS LONDON” is a group exhibition curated by Samson Ko, the co-founder of Seefood Room. The first-time showcase opens on 12 August in London.

Unlike other exhibitions that follow a singular theme, “INTERWOVEN: HONG KONG ART MEETS LONDON” revels in its eclecticism, assembling eight Hong Kong artists from different spectrums of art. They include Agnes Leung, Corn Ho, Elaine Chiu, Jade Ng, K.Chung, Liane Chu, Lousy and Yuman Ng.

Of the eight, two are Lifestyle Asia interview alums, which IMO is strong evidence of the selected artists’ vigour. We talked to Agnes Leung for the Artecal Charitable Exhibition in May and Lousy for Art Central in 2022.

Interwoven - Agnes Leung Cambrian Period
Agnes Leung, “Cambrian Period”

With the exhibition, Ko and his team hope to provide a holistic immersion into Hong Kong’s vibrant artistic tapestry and deliver a multi-faceted perspective of our city’s artistic scene.

“INTERWOVEN: HONG KONG ART MEETS LONDON” opens from 12 to 22 August at 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL. Check out Arturistic’s official Instagram for more information.

(Lead and featured images courtesy of Agnes Leung via Arturistic)

Arturistic’s “Interwoven” exhibition brings Hong Kong art to London

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