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Photographer Lau King is an adventurous, sensitive soul who speaks through intuitive snapshots

Hong Kong photographer Lau King has an insightful talk with us about the spiritual aspects of art before her exhibition at Affordable Art Fair 2022.

Many would agree photography — and by extension, art — is the interaction between one’s mind and the ordinary world. It is up to the artist to discover the extraordinary from within and present it to everyday beholders. Lau King is one blessed with such talents. Describing herself as adventurous and sensitive, the local artist wanders the world in solitude to find places and objects that speak to her.

But first, gotta keep your brain empty. “Once you adopt the mindset of an observer and forgo all definition you hold of the world, this sense of selflessness will allow you to see things from infinite angles and perspectives,” Lau explains. This realisation prompts her to transcend the boundaries of the 3-dimensional world and elevate her works with elements of imagination, emotion and consciousness.

“Photography is a medium for me to communicate with my soul. It reflects my inner self and current consciousness,” says the artist when asked to describe her creative process. Perhaps that’s the reason why there’s something incredibly delicate about Lau’s photographs — they come from a mind so receptive encapsulating feelings so raw and real. “I have found my own unique language and self-expression through photography.”

Lau King on how she views photography, and finding her intuition

For those who don’t know, who is Lau King?

I’m a visual artist specialised in photography, it’s the medium for me to express my personal philosophy and perception of the world. I’ve been exhibiting my works both online and offline across the world, and won 2020 CADC Influential Artist of the Year.

How would you describe your style?

My principle when it comes to art is “Consciousness creates our own reality”. We can’t create things that don’t reflect our consciousness and inner selves, it has to come from us. Not only do I perceive photography as a medium of manifestation of both our conscious and subconscious minds, but I also think it’s a way to reflect our inner emotions.

Photography is a great tool to explore the world through an intuitive flash of mind with a sense of aesthetics and imagination. Each work is uniquely reflecting how my current emotions, frequency and consciousness connect to the 3-dimensional world at a specific point of time. Photography is my unique language to express how I see the world.

How and when did you discover your interest in art?

Getting my first mobile phone with only 2 megapixels sparked my interest in photography, I was really young then. I enjoyed going out alone and shooting whatever my heart pleased, because that’s when I could solely be myself. I started shooting in a lot of interesting perspectives and angles, which motivated my adventurous and curious self to keep exploring new places and the beauty of the world.

Anything in the world can inspire me because I can always find infinite possible angles to see it in a new light. I find a great sense of freedom in shooting because I approach my subjects without any prerequisite definition and boundaries. It solely comes from my heart or an intuitive flash of mind connecting with the world.

Blue Suffocation

What was your artistic journey like?

Like I said, I found my interest in photography very early on, and I once had an innocent, simple dream that I wanted to show my works all over the world, even if it’s at a street stall. But it was an attainable dream as I just wasn’t in the most supportive environment, nor did I have the right source.

I studied Media Broadcasting in university and taught myself photography, then moving on to work as a commercial video director and photographer. I used my free time to pursue self-discovery and explore the world. The turning point of my life was after hitting rock bottom in 2018 where I got exploited and disrespected in my work partnerships; my works were being misunderstood and despised. These events almost caused me to give up on photography, but it also reignited my inner desire to exhibit and spread my voice through my photography. 

Then I decided to follow my true calling to become an artist in 2019. In the same year, I got my first artwork sale on The Artling, and my works got featured on Apple’s Instagram, which gave me a huge confidence boost on my artistic journey.

Do you remember your first-ever piece? What was the creative process like?

I shoot photos almost everyday so I can’t really remember my first-ever piece, but the creative process was like shooting whenever I felt inspired or channelled. There’s often an inner voice asking me to stop and capture the thing in front of me. I believe this is what we call “intuition”. I believe photography is a medium for me to communicate with my soul. It reflects my inner self and current consciousness.

What is your creative process like right now? Did anything change?

My creative process actually haven’t changed much, but my works change as my consciousness of the world expands. After a period of self-discovery, I realised our reality is created by our consciousness. I started to see things more expansively without holding any definitions and boundaries. That’s when my works started to transcend from the ordinary world into the state between dream and reality by infusing my own emotions, frequency and consciousness.

Tell us about your favourite artwork you’ve created.

Fish on Clouds is my favourite. This photo depicts a visual illusion that I directly captured from the real world. It shows the carp swim in the water and fly in the sky at the same time.

The fish is just like the ideal state I yearn for: to be free in both the physical and spiritual worlds. It’s like a representation of me.

This piece was featured on Apple’s Instagram and I felt very surprised and proud of it. They said it was like painting and gave them a fairy-tale-like feeling.

Do you have any artists you look up to? How do they influence you?

Right now I am inspired by the great abstract masters Zao Wou-ki and Gerhard Richter, who influence my work a lot. Whenever I admire their works, the images are forever embedded into my subconscious. When I see something unusual on the street, I connect with their works unconsciously and instantly, which helps me with my own creation.

Pink Feather

How do you stay inspired?

To stay inspired, I love discovering new music and visiting exhibitions to keep my mind refreshed. I also stay curious about life and keep exploring new places in Hong Kong and across the world.

What’s your tip to overcome an artist’s block?

Don’t be afraid to try out new things and experiences — life is about accumulating memories and experience. And don’t be afraid to change and start from zero again. Life is like a painting, you can always repaint your own canvas. Step out of your comfort zone and be open minded. Never limit and underestimate your potential. Let your mind flow, and also let life unfold for you. Also, always listen to your intuition. 

Is there anything new you would like to explore in the future?

I’m interested to explore photography with NFT and also possible IP collaborations with my artworks and commission projects. 


What does art, or being an artist, mean to you?

Art is a powerful medium to spread message and raise collective consciousness. It connects with the audience with an emotional touch; it empowers people to have a change of life by provoking their belief and consciousness. It is a medium beyond language which connects us in a different realm and lets us experience the unseen world in a tangible way.

Do you have any advice for young artists in Hong Kong who are just starting out? 

Things won’t happen overnight. You must have patience and persistence in your dream. There will be a lot of obstacles and discouragement along the path, treating every trial and error as a kind of boost for strengthening your spiritual muscles. You will be grateful that you have not given up in this marathon after reaching the light of the end of the tunnel.

Aways listen to your inner voice and intuition, don’t doubt it because it is your best guidance towards life even when you feel like the whole world is against you.

Also be wise using the internet and social media, don’t be afraid to put your works online. You may be surprised how your works will reach an unexpected audience. 

This time I will be showing the artworks from my previous solo exhibition in Se Gallery, Shenzhen. These works show my observation of the city and its objects from an abstract point of view, so they express my interpretation of boundaries.

For example, Fish on Clouds captures the illusion of a carp both flying in the sky and swimming in the water at the same time; Spiral shows how the use of perspective can change a cylindrical building into the shape of a spiral; and Colors & Lines transcends the ordinary basketball court into abstraction.

With these, I want to break the boundary of our world in which everything can be inter-connected and boundless. Boundary is only a perception, it can be broken at any time.

Colors & Lines

Do you have anything to say to visitors to the Affordable Art Fair?

Come to the Affordable Art Fair to celebrate and enjoy art! And don’t forget to take your favourite pieces home!

Follow Lau King on Instagram and check out her website here.

Affordable Art Fair 2022 will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 4 to 7 August, showcasing thousands of contemporary artworks from over 60 local and international exhibitors. Stay up to date through their Instagram and get your tickets here.

Images courtesy of Lau King
Photographer Lau King is an adventurous, sensitive soul who speaks through intuitive snapshots

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