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21 perfect gifts for movie lovers (that aren’t movies)

Whether they’re a fan of the classics, a devotee of Disney features, or they can’t get enough of big-screen blockbusters like Star Wars and the Marvel universe, we’ve got something they’ll love.

Film! The movies! Cinema. Whatever you call it, they all serve a similar purpose. Movies make us laugh, they make us cry, they inspire us to dream and chase and Wish Upon a Star to a world bigger than our own, one of great romance or drama or courage or sacrifice. In Hong Kong, they’re an essential part of the very fabric of the city and the culture; even Cantonese itself has been shaped by moments and characters in film. Movies touch a part of us that goes back as far as humankind itself: The shared love of a good story. Sometimes, they even educate.

So this festive season, when it comes time to pick out the perfect gift for that silver screen lover in your life, fret not. We’ve got the perfect movie lovers’ gift guide, from classic memorabilia to all the best new tech they can screen their favourites on.

The Perfect Gifts for the Movie Lover in Your Life

Released in 1990, the American film about a young boy left to fend for himself against a pair of would-be robbers has become a certified Christmas classic. Like sleigh bells and mistletoe and Mariah Carey, it’s nearly impossible to avoid this time of year, as the days get shorter, nights get colder and nothing beats curling up with a favourite movie and someone special.

For movie lovers who like to do something constructive, the LEGO® Ideas program has dropped an instant must-have: The Home Alone house has been recreated for bricklayers of all ages, and features some of the company’s most unique offerings yet: The zipline, the Wet Bandits’ van, the scary furnace and even, a LEGO first, a doggy door for the kitchen have been faithfully recreated so you can relive the movie’s classic moments for yourself. Just remind Fuller to go easy on the Pepsi.

US$249.99 (Approx. HK$2,000)

For those who treat watching movies like art, why not have a flatscreen to match? Samsung’s The Frame offers a state-of-the-art viewing experience in one of the thinnest packages on the market, featuring QLED technology and stunning 4k clarity that elevates any screening into something special. And between movies, it makes for an elegant piece of decor, either blending in with the colours and surroundings of the room, or playing the perfect frame (get it?) for your latest NFT or other piece of digital artwork you want to display.

Samsung’s The Frame ranges from 32″ to 85″, so if you’ve got the space, there’s plenty of screen to help you make the most of it.

US$799.99 (Approx. HK$6,400)

Does the film lover in your life have an affection for all things cartographic, as well? Then Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies just might have everything they need. Artist Andrew DeGraff has illustrated 35 real and fictional settings from films including Back to the Future‘s Hill Valley, The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel and even Isla Nublar, the home of Jurassic Park.

Follow the paths of the characters and relive their adventures across 160 pages of beautifully designed cinema history alongside essays from acclaimed film critic, A.D. Jameson, who adds context on the role location and geography played in enhancing each film’s final cut.

US$16.57 (Approx. HK$132.56)

Do they dream of taking their love of film to making movie magic of their very own? Have they practiced their Oscar acceptance speech? Maybe they just want a higher seat.

Whatever the reason, add a subtle, maybe not-so-subtle touch to their furniture lineup with a director’s chair of their very own. It’s great when you need an extra seat for parties, and folds away easily for convenient storage — but the aspiring Scorcese in your life will gladly keep their focus on this one year-round. Just install the canvas and get ready to call the shots.

US$77.78 (Approx. HK$622.24)

Sure, they say they love movies — but are they a true film buff? Put them to the test, or help them along their journey with Enno Vatti’s “100 Movies Scratch Off Poster”, a bucket list of both fan and critically beloved films from Hollywood history. From the classics to modern blockbusters to children’s favourites, expand their knowledge (or give them bragging rights) as they make their way through the whole list. Plus, they’ll have a pretty cool piece of wall art to hang when it’s all done. Get the popcorn ready.

US$25.97 (Approx. HK$207.76)

From the sound effects to the score, the audio experience of a film is as important as the sights on the screen. Forget those tinny laptop speakers — be sure sure they’re doing their favourite films justice with a quality set of speakers.

The Sonos Beam is a single, compact piece of technology that turns any room into a home cinema in minutes. Smartly equipped with Amazon Alexa technology, it’s great for films, TV, music, radio, podcasts — any home where audio is a priority.

US$614 (Approx. HK$4,912)

What do you get when two of the greatest monsters in movie history go head-to-head? Well, you get 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong, a film that features a significant part of our fair Hong Kong getting caught in the middle of the two rivals’ long-standing beef. Sorry, Central.

For a much softer landing, get the Monsterverse lover in your life these far cuddlier versions of the titular titans — and be glad it’s all just a movie, right?

US$24.99 (HK$199.92)

If the combined physiques of the Hollywood Chris trifecta (Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt) over repeated viewings of Avengers movies has them feeling a little, well, less-than-Super — maybe a water bottle is a good place to start their hero’s journey.

Made of insulated stainless steel, the BlenderBottle is perfect for mixing up pre-workout and protein shakes that will have them working on their Norse God musculature in no time. Plus, the BlenderBall wire whisk will ensure everything is blended to perfection — no lumps here.

US$34.75 (Approx. HK$278)

Then again, there’s more to life than protein shakes. For the other kind of Marvel fan in your life, cracking open a cold one might be the only way they want to avenge a long week at the office. When the feeling hits, superheroes and supervillains alike will appreciate the power of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet, condensed down for one single, solitary purpose: Getting ice cold beer from the bottle into your mouth.

Perfectly balanced, as all this should be.

US$13.99 (Approx. HK$111.92)

What’s better than projecting a movie at home? Projecting a movie, well, anywhere you want it. The Kodak Mini Projector splashes HD 1080p quality onto any surface, and it all fits in the palm of your hand. It’s handy for campouts, conference rooms – anywhere that movies aren’t being played, but ought to be.

The projector is compatible with PCs, Macs, cable box, gaming consoles and HDMI video players, so nobody gets left out: Just connect and play.

US$169.99 (Approx. HK$1,359.92)

Amid the myriad restrictions that COVID has imposed upon us here in Hong Kong, perhaps the worst that has yet to be lifted (especially for movie lovers) has got to be the rule against eating in movie theatres — what’s going to see the movies without a big tub of greasy, salty, crunchy buttery popcorn?

Well, as long as we’re all streaming from one other’s Netflix and Disney+ and Hulu accounts at home, we’d might as well have the snacks to match. West Bend’s popper brings the sounds and smells of the lobby popcorn counter home, in a stylish package, to boot. Say it with us now, “These are my concessions…

US$74.99 (Approx. HK$599.92)

You’d have to have an ice-cold heart to not love Studio Ghibli — Hayao Miyazaki’s studio has given the world some of the most beloved animated classics of all-time, from Spirited Away to Howl’s Moving Castle to, of course, My Neighbour Totoro.

And since we can’t pop over to Japan to check out that Ghibli theme park that everyone keeps raving about, help the Ghibli lover in your life settle for the next best thing: Movie nights with a good neighbour by their side.

US$26 (Approx. HK$208)

Even James Bond takes off his tux for movie night. I mean, we haven’t seen it, but it seems safe to assume. Give your movie lover a license to chill with these cosy Nike sweats. They’re classic, comfortable and versatile enough for a night on the couch, hitting the city or just meeting your FoodPanda rider at the door downstairs.


Maybe they’ve raved to you about the many, many soundtracks of John Williams. Perhaps their Spotify likes are littered with selections from Howard Shore’s Lord of the Rings scores. Does “Yumeji’s Theme” from In the Mood for Love put them… in the mood for love? Whatever the case, they don’t just love the movies — they love the music, too.

Give them a stylish record player to spin their faves, and even though it’ll play music from all of their wireless devices, they’ll also have an excuse to start their vinyl collection at the same time. Whether it’s Lawrence of Arabia or Ghostbusters, some things just sound better on wax.

US$69.99 (Approx. HK$559.92)

It’s time to put their movie where their mouth is. Sharpen their cooking skills and add an extra bit of excitement to movie night with some of the most recognisable recipes from film history, courtesy of YouTube culinary star Andrew Rea, better known as Babish. It’s all here, from Henry Hill’s Goodfellas prison pasta to Sally’s infamous pastrami sandwich. Bon Appétit.

US$15.22 (Approx. HK$121.76)

What would a list of movie gifts be without the greatest Hong Kong movie star of all time? In this book, Shannon Lee, the daughter of Bruce, explores the philosophies her father learned and taught to others, contextualising them for a modern audience and applying them to everyday life — because we could all benefit from being a little more like Bruce.

Available in paperback and digital.


Okay, mini projectors are one thing, but if they’re really ready to get serious about their home theatre setup, then it’s time to invest in a serious projector. Optoma’s HD28HDR has everything they need for a truly cinematic experience, from screening to gaming. Enabled with 4K clarity and 1080p, they’ll have 15,000 hours of lamp life, plus compatability with Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming, streaming, photo sharing and more.

US$699 (Approx. HK$5,592)

Is it just me, or is everyone suddenly doing puzzles again? Maybe it’s a symptom of our post-Covid world, biding our time until things look “normal” again, but whatever the case, it seems the jigsaw-aissance is upon us. Help your movie lover make the most of it by channeling some classic cinema vibes while they put the pieces the back together.

US$9.99 (Approx. HK$80)

We all know one of those tarot people, don’t we? If the one in your life also happens to be a big film buff, or even if not, these movie-themed tarot cards are an excellent way to take a look beyond. A full tarot deck of 78 cards, let Forrest Gump (The Fool) or the lovers from Brokeback Mountain give you a deeper peek into consciousness itself. Careful what you find.

US$17.99 (Approx. HK$143.92)

Arriving 16 November in Hong Kong, Disney’s highly anticipated streaming service means they’ll have access to the Mouse’s entire streaming catalogue, from Star Wars to Pixar to to Marvel to National Geographic and much, much more. Yoda! Thanos! Homer! Deadpool! Uh, Alex Honnold! All for HK$73 a month, or HK$738 a year. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

HK$73 (monthly) or HK$738 (yearly)

There are plenty of LEGO-fied versions of all things Star Wars, but if you’re looking to reward the real Force Sensitive in your life (who doesn’t already have one), give them the gift of the ultimate Outer Rim traveller: The Millennium Falcon. The Force, we promise, is strong with this one.

US$182 (Approx. HK$1,456)
21 perfect gifts for movie lovers (that aren’t movies)

Nathan Erickson


Born in Seoul and based in Hong Kong, Nathan has been writing about culture, style and food for some of the world's biggest publications for over a decade. He likes Canon lenses and the films of Chow Yun Fat.

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