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9 travel documentaries on Netflix to tide you over until your next adventure

Your passport — gathering dust alongside your carry-on cubes and travel-sized toiletries — misses you.

In times like these, there’s nothing better than dreaming about our next adventure and escaping the monotony of staying put, no matter how incredibly hard the travel bug is biting you. And if you too are counting the days until your next trip and are keen to explore the outdoors from the comfort of your space, we feel you. That’s why we have made a list of outstanding travel documentaries that you can binge-watch on Netflix and travel virtually.

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Magical Andes is akin to taking a virtual trip to the majestic Andes mountains in South America. This six-part docuseries shows the landscape of the region and the ever-changing lives of people residing there. This human-centric Spanish travel documentary features unique stories of five characters who share a deep love for nature and mountains along with gorgeous panoramas, intimate interviews, soothing narrations and unique geological as well as environmental features in the local land.

Ace filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg captures phenomenal shots while travelling through forests, oceans, deserts and untrodden spots of places like New Zealand, Tahiti, Machu Pichu, Hokkaido, Koh Samui, Iceland and Marques Islands. The breath-taking imagery paired with a soothing background score and time-lapses focus on different locations and weave together mini-stories of peace and tranquillity.

Master baker Paul Hollywood embarks on a road trip across European countries with proud automotive history, driving supercars like Aston Martin and meeting local celebrities, car experts and motorists on his way. This fun series is all about cars and gorgeous vistas coupled with spectacular cinematography of picturesque European landscape, making it an ideal watch for foodies, travel and auto enthusiasts.

Expedition Happiness is a travelogue made by a German couple who buys an old school bus and attempt an epic road trip across North America with their dog. Felix Starck, an accomplished filmmaker, and Mogli aka Selima Taibi, a talented singer-songwriter, embark on a search for true happiness with their dog Rudy. They refurbish an old school bus and convert it into a tiny home and plan the ultimate adventure, travelling across Canada and the US while keeping it real — be it border problems, visa issues, awful roads or other difficulties.

Untamed Romania is a fuss-free and pleasant to watch series about wild spots in the European country. The travel documentary educates people about the wildlife of one of the largest and natural habitats in Europe. It spans across desolate mountains, stunning landscapes, the vast wilderness surrounding the Danube River which looks like it comes straight out of a fairy tale.

Travel docuseries series Tales by Light is filled with moving portraits, panoramic imagery, eerie music and philosophical narration in pursuit of exploration of the natural world by various photographers and filmmakers. It has some unseen footage from unique angles making it a series ahead of its time. The series was filmed in 6k and 4k and is available to watch in 4K.

Pedal the World is a story of a young millennial who sets out to explore the world over one adventure-filled year on an epic 18,000 kilometres bicycle journey across 22 countries. The German-born amateur filmmaker and editor Felix Starck leaves the comfort of his home on two wheels on a Vlog style personal journey filled with extreme circumstances and inspires people to follow their wanderlust as well.

Dark Tourist is one-of-a-kind travel series presented by Journalist David Ferrier who explores dark tourism and travels to some shady corners of the world and often messes things up leading to dramatic consequences. The series is a wild ride depicting bizarre tourist traps and unsociable things with Farrier’s amusing narration that serves as a nice contrast to the inexplicable situations he often finds himself in.

This British reality series stars English comedian Jack Whitehall and his father going on a vacation together. The storyline depicts a valiant journey with season one highlighting trekking across Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. The series shows Jack Whitehall in his element with his British humour and quick-witted comments making it a light-hearted travelogue. The duo always seems spirited and do their best to squeeze in as many activities as they can while showing teamwork and father-son friendship.

Akriti Sharma
Full-time writer, part-time science nerd, Akriti switched gears to writing when she was at the precipice of her scientific career as a biotechnologist and never looked back. She loves to write every day and believes in pursuing stories with moral force. She is an enthusiastic traveller, photographer, chai aficionado, aspiring minimalist and a strong proponent of the Multiverse Theory.
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