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‘And Just Like That…’ star Cathy Ang says “More, please” to Asian representation

In case you weren’t aware, Sex and the City is back. Back as And Just Like That… and back with break-out stars like Cathy Ang on the cast list.

And Just Like That… was all the craze when it was released late last year in December 2021. Among all that craze, was budding actor Cathy Ang, who played Lily Goldenblatt in this revival of Sex and the City. Prior to landing this acting role in the ten-episode mini-series, the 26-year-old was recognised for her voice work. 

Cathy went from being a first-time viewer of SATC to being a part of SATC’s latest chapter. She went from witnessing the women’s charm on-screen to acting alongside them on screen.

Whilst we’re exhilarated to see more on-screen action involving this Asian actor, our off-screen chat with her was pure delight. Her excitement was infectious and we absolutely adore her energy. In all honesty, it’s tough to stay mad at young Lily for playing a role in the demise of Carrie and Big’s wedding now that we’ve met the woman behind adolescent Lily. 

Here, we sat down with the Chinese-Filipina actress to chat about playing Lily, her thoughts on Asian representation in the entertainment industry and more. 

Introducing Cathy Ang:

cathy ang

The piano recital scene in the first episode is hands-down one of the most awe-inspiring scenes from the show. If you’re wondering whether Cathy actually played the piece, the answer is yes, and she effectuated it beautifully.

“I attended music school, I grew up singing, our family was always singing, and this is when my music background really came to use,” said Ang. “Whenever I’ve played the piano previously, it’s always been to accompany my singing. So, this was a wonderful challenge for me. We picked this really tough, dramatic piece because Lily is exceptional and I try to live up to that standard.”

And behind that awe-inspiring performance? Lots and lots and lots of practice.

“My parents would have been so proud because I was practicing for hours and hours a day,” said Ang. “I gave myself carpal tunnel because I wanted to do the piece justice.

cathy ang
Image credit: HBO Go

Acting alongside names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis is a dream for many, but a reality for Cathy Ang. Although, it is a reality she is still trying to wrap her head around and get used to it.

“This creative team loves to take chances on people,” mused Ang. “Everyone on set wants you to learn and succeed, and that is how I can focus and stop being too starstruck when I’m on set. They are regular, wonderful, nice human beings who are very good at their craft.”

cathy ang
Image credit: HBO Go

Although Asian representation in the entertainment and Hollywood industry is becoming increasingly common, Ang says that “we could definitely do with some more,” and we couldn’t agree more. By landing this role, Cathy is an inspiration to Asians all over, and we need more inspiring stories like these.

“There are so many of us in the world but not enough representation,” said Ang. “I love Asian people, I think we’re very special and the industry is starting to see that. So, more, please.”

cathy ang
Image credit: HBO Go

Finally, we asked the star what advice she has for aspiring Asian actors.

“Find a mentor,” insisted Ang. “Actually, find two mentors: a coach and a cheerleader. Find a cheerleader, someone who is going to cheerlead and support you no matter what. And find a coach, someone who is going to coach you, push you and mentor you. Find a mentor who is an Asian artist. Everyone in our community is so thrilled to witness young, Asian artists popping up. Like, I texted Sandra Oh and she texted me back. So don’t be afraid to just reach out and ask for guidance.”

And just like that, especially with Sandra Oh on speed-dial? We’re predicting a big, bright future for one Cathy Ang.

Stream ‘And Just Like That…’ now exclusively on HBO Go. A new episode premieres every Thursday. All seasons of ‘Sex and the City’ are also available on HBO Go.

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