Sure, expensive bouquets, one-of-a-kind presents and elaborate dinners on 14 February are great, but they’re not everything (and they shouldn’t be your litmus test to prove that your partner loves you, anyway). If you’re a realist when it comes to love, or you’d prefer to not give into the pressure to need a partner to feel whole, break out the popcorn and get comfy, because these movies on Netflix are perfect to support that anti-Valentine’s Day cause.

The Truman Show

Who needs to worry about whether your love is real when your entire life has been an intricately fabricated film set? The 1998 movie stars Jim Carrey as an insurance salesman who attempts to escape his dreary life after finding out his entire family and hometown has been broadcasted as a live TV show.

Gone Girl

This David Fincher-directed psychological thriller based on Gillian Flynn’s page-turner is one to watch if you’re looking to further support your claim that all couples will end up destroying each other. If you’re faced with someone as deranged and cunning as Rosamund Pike’s Amy Dunne, you’re definitely better off without them.


Bong Joon-ho is having his global moment lately with his streak of wins during awards season. There’s no better time to watch his 2013 dystopian masterpiece, which leaves no time for romance — especially when you’re trying to topple social injustices aboard the last vessel of human life left on earth.

Marriage Story

Many couples have been watching Noah Baumbach’s latest, most talked-about film together (and still end up unscathed). Centring on a couple going through their divorce, it starts off amicably and with a hint of wistfulness for better times, but quickly devolves into chaos as soon as lawyers get involved. Laura Dern’s cutting monologue (a performance that won her the Oscar for best supporting actress) about the man’s role in the industry of marriage and divorce will certainly get you thinking.


Mother! is billed as an allegory for the current state of the planet (with heavy religious undertones). Honestly, this Darren Aronofsky film gets a tad bonkers with its use of magical realism to illustrate the tensions within a codependent relationship with a narcissist. But that’s probably what will successfully put you off romance, for a good while, at least.

Kill Bill Vol 1.

Get the sweet taste of revenge as you indulge in Quentin Tarantino’s gory ode to grindhouse horror. Uma Thurman stars in this classic as the Bride, who seeks vengeance after she survives an attack on her wedding day by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad — of which her groom stands as its leader.

Blue Valentine

Even gorgeous people like Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams can’t escape the horrible fate of a mismatched marriage in this bleak look at family life long after the love has run out. This flick might get you emotional, but you’ll feel a lot better about singledom after watching it.

The Martian

Feeling lost without your other half? If anything, Matt Damon’s protagonist in The Martian taught us about the importance of self-sufficiency, a positive attitude and wit, even when you are desperately stranded alone on the red planet with dwindling food supply.


Starring John Cho as a single father looking for his missing teenage daughter, this ingenious film — produced entirely on a computer desktop — reiterates the importance of carefully vetting friendships created through apps. People you meet on the internet cannot be trusted!

Kiki’s Delivery Service

If a 13-year-old girl can handle a new life on her own, so can you. Hayao Miyazaki’s charming and uplifting coming-of-age story is about a young trainee witch who leaves home for a year-long apprenticeship. With her broomstick and black cat Jiji in tow, she settles in a seaside town and begins working as a courier service — making new friends and gaining confidence in herself in the process.

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