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‘Spare’ and six other notable books written by royals

Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir is not the first notable book written by a member of a royal family. Here are seven books written by other royals, including the Duke of Sussex’s Spare

The Duke of Sussex’s tell-all memoir has been the talk of the town recently. But it’s certainly not the first book written by a royal. Make a quick Google search and you’ll find many of them regarding a variety of subjects. But here, we’ve tried to list down some that could be considered as note-worthy as SpareStarting off with Prince Harry’s memoir and going all the way back to a compilation of Queen Victoria’s diary entries, these are notable books written by royals. 

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Prince Harry’s Spare, the Duke of Windsor’s memoir, and a collection of Queen Victoria’s diary entries. Here are seven books written by royals. 

Spare by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex

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The fastest-selling non-fiction book and currently the one making waves everywhere, Spare is an intimate (and we mean intimate) account of Prince Harry’s life, his marriage, the problems he faced with the media and his family, and his eventual decision to step away from the Royal Family for good. The media has had a field day with all the revelations in this book including Harry divulging that contrary to popular belief, he and his brother weren’t exactly as close as the media portrayed. The Duke of Sussex also goes into detailed accounts of very personal experiences like his time in the North Pole, which has caused as much of a stir as his stories about what happens in the Royal Family behind closed doors. 

A King’s Story: The Memoirs of the Duke of Windsor by the Duke of Windsor, formerly Edward VIII

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The Duke of Windsor shocked the country in 1936 when he announced that he would be abdicating the throne. His reign lasted less than a year, and his brother, George VI, the father of Elizabeth II, would ascend to the throne. The Duke’s decision to choose his lover, Wallis Simpson, an American divorceé, over his duty is one that had mixed reactions. While many people have chronicled his story before, this is a chance to read it written by the man himself. 

The Heart Has Its Reasons: The Memoirs of the Duchess of Windsor by the Duchess of Windsor 

spare books by royals
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It’s only logical to follow up the Duke of Windsor’s memoirs with that of his wife’s. Many people blamed Wallis Simpson for “seducing” the then-Edward VIII away from the throne. Being divorced, Edward VIII was given an ultimatum to choose between her and his duties as King, and the rest was history. Here, she recounts her previous marriages before meeting the Duke and the struggles she went through as they decided to get married. 

Men, Machines, and Sacred Cows by Prince Phillip, the Duke of Windsor

spare books by royals

The late Duke of Windsor was known to be quite witty, something that his relatives have frequently said about him. It’s also something that sometimes got him in hot water. It’s unsurprising then that his collection of essays and lectures bears this title. The Duke of Edinburgh’s humour shines in this book and serves as a fond reminder of the man who served alongside his wife for many years. One memorable essay in the book is “On the Abolition of Helicopters”; that should give you an idea of what to expect.

The Anjou Trilogy by Princess Michael of Kent

spare books by royals
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All the books in the list so far have been memoirs and non-fiction, but this one is a fictionalised novel based on a true person. Written by Princess Michael of Kent, who is infamous for the questionable statements she’s made in the past, the trilogy revolves around Yolande of Aragon, who was given to marriage to the Duke of Anjou to signify an alliance between their two territories. Yolande would grow to basically become the ruler of the land while her husband is away fighting in Italy.

Leaves From the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands: From 1848 to 1861 by Queen Victoria

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The second-longest reigning British monarch is one of the most iconic royals in history. Many of Queen Victoria’s writings have already been published, but this particular book compiles her diary entries from when she lived in the Scottish Highlands at Balmoral. The summer home was a favourite of the Queen’s, and many years later, her great-great granddaughter, Elizabeth II, would share the same sentiment, even taking her last breath at Balmoral. 

Stella and the Secret by Princess Madeleine of Sweden

spare books by royals
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Stella and the Secret may be a Swedish children’s book, but it definitely deals with a serious topic. Princess Madeleine wrote the book as part of her work with the World Childhood Foundation, and it tackles the issue of children speaking up at home when they see something wrong. The nine-year-old protagonist finds herself moving from New York to Sweden and making a friend who shares with her a secret that she can’t bear to contain. 

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‘Spare’ and six other notable books written by royals

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