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‘The Last of Us’: The best reactions from Twitter

HBO’s highly anticipated series premiered yesterday and, as expected, it broke a lot of hearts. Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to the first episode of The Last of Us.

Fans of the games know what was going to go down in the first episode of The Last of Us, and those who weren’t familiar with the games certainly got their dose of feels on Monday when the episode premiered. The video game adaptation, which is being hailed as one of the best in a slew of hit-and-misses, sits currently at a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. But as much as critics are raving about it, there can sometimes be a disconnect between them and the audience at large.

Fortunately, everyone seems to agree that The Last of Us is a hit, or at least its first episode is.

Twitter reactions to The Last of Us premiere

The HBO series follows Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, a smuggler in a post-pandemic world who crosses paths with a young girl named Ellie, played by Bella Ramsey. The two embark on a dangerous and emotional journey that forces them to face their trauma and guilt together. The premiere episode introduces the two of these characters very well and also includes Joel’s own tragic heartbreak that would drive his arc for the rest of the series (those who’ve played the games already know).

While it’s only the beginning of the 10-episode journey, the first episode already made many audiences emotional. Fans of the games were also delighted (or at least as delighted as they could be while crying) to spot scenes lifted directly from the games. Generally, everyone loved how faithful the show seems to be sticking to its source material, and everyone is also gearing up for the eventual pain the next few episodes are going to bring. And trust me, there will be pain

Here are some of the reactions to the show’s first episode on Twitter. Spoilers are ahead, so turn back now if you haven’t watched it yet. 




New episodes of The Last of Us premieres every Monday at 9am on HBO GO and 9pm on HBO.

‘The Last of Us’: The best reactions from Twitter

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