Of all the lockdowns and social distancing measures, missing music festivals has to be the ultimate disappointment.

From Road to Ultra Hong Kong to Clockenflap, music festivals have been a staple part of our shared pop cultural experience. Whilst most festivals have been cancelled or rescheduled, movies can capture the excitement of the festival ethos and allow you to relive that excitement. All from the very comfort of your own home, we’ve collated a list of movies to transport you to the very front row.

(Header image courtesy of Austin Neill on Unsplash)

Song: Something About You by Hayden James

Zac Efron plays 23-year-old college dropout Cole Carter who is a struggling DJ in the EDM scene. He aspires to create that one track that will set the world on fire. His technique is getting the Beats Per Minute count up, making dance floor subjects pulsate simultaneously with the bass.

Stream 'Something About You' here

Song: All I Ever Wanted by Michael Brun

A young DJ is given the chance to perform at a fictional music festival XOXO. His path collides with a soon-to-be long distance couple, a romantic dreamer and his best-friend manager, impacting his journey to playing at XOXO.

Stream 'All I Ever Wanted' here

Song: Light by San Holo

30-year-old Harper travels to Barcelona on a work trip with her two best friends, to secure a client whilst encountering a famous DJ who she ends up falling in love with.

Stream 'Light' here

Song: Lockjaw by French Montana ft. Kodak Black

An aspiring SoundCloud rapper and his manager who dreams of signing with a major rap label goes viral for the wrong reasons. But soon, his manager gets him a gig to sing backstage at a French Montana concert. Special appearances include DJ Khaled, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and Desiigner, who shows up to talk about his love of otter videos.

Stream 'Lockjaw' here

Song: Mr. Brightside by The Killers

After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Nick’s friend suggests that they drown his sorrows and get over her in a three-day music festival, Giant Music Festival.

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Song: Colours by Calvin Harris

Two feuding rockstars get handcuffed together by a preacher for 24 hours at a music festival where they are both scheduled to perform. The movie was shot in the T in the Park music festival.

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