Chloé‘s Spring/Summer 2019 collection takes inspiration from hippie modernism, and paints the picture of a group of stylish, confident girls enjoying their vacation in the Mediterranean. To celebrate the launch of the new seasonal creations, the brand decided to bring the vacation to us, hosting a rooftop party at Piqniq where its VIP guests — including Emily Lam-Ho, Fei Ping Chang, Antonia Li, Nicola Cheung Young, Angie Ng, Olga Verbych, Natalie Soderstrom and more — gathered to enjoy sunset drinks overlooking the skyline of our vibrant city.

From fluid layers to decorative prints and eclectic accessories, the venue was filled with the dreamy and carefree bohemian spirit that exudes from Chloé’s new collection, but it was the three custom-made hammocks that really got everyone’s attention. Led by Yellow Leaf Hammocks, a social enterprise that aims to break the cycle of extreme poverty through sustainable job creation, these beautiful hammocks in ombre colours were created by women artisan weavers who previously suffered from poverty and debt slavery.

Having met Emily Lam-Ho, investor of Yellow Leaf Hammocks, and the co-founders of Eco Drive at an event last year, Laetitia Mergui, Chloé’s Regional Managing Director, thought it to be a natural fit to celebrate the daring yet feminine attitudes integral to the brand’s DNA.

Scroll down to see photos from the event.