Marking the launch of its brand new Tali bag collection, Kenzo recently hosted an exclusive, star-studded party in Hong Kong, where top celebrities from across the region — from Korea’s BoA, to China’s Justin Huang and Yuan Shan Shan, as well as Hong Kong’s Grace Chan, Heidi Lee, Kelvin Kwan and Fish Liew — gathered for a night of celebration over drinks, canapés and live DJ beats, as they explored the new Tali bag in extended colourways.

Featuring Kenzo’s instantly recognisable eye motif that doubles up as the universal symbol of luck, the Tali bag is designed to act as a talisman (hence the name) that will protect and bring good fortune to its wearer. So, tapping on the spiritual theme of the collection, guests at the party were treated with reading sections by three fortune tellers, who were there to help reveal the inner truths of each person’s personality and the Tali bag that best corresponds to them.

Of course, no fashion party could be complete without the presence of Insta-famous style stars, and this one attracted many of Asia’s finest, including Ahreum AhnHarin LeeFil, DipsyYuyu Zhang, AMIAYA, Yu Masui, Jane ChuckParvané Barret, Evelyn Choi and many more. Scroll down to see who else attended the launch party.