Tiffany & Co. celebrated the launch of its exhibition ‘The Making of New York Minute’ last night (25 August 2016) with a cocktail party. At the event, famous lyricist Wyman Wong and musicians Eric Kwok and Jun Kung made a special appearance to share their personal thoughts on the New York minute before making a toast to mark the occasion.

Providing a glimpse into its 169 years of watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship, the New York jeweller shipped over eight rare archival timepieces all the way from Switzerland, including a watch that was worn by the late U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the mid-1940s. Apart from the archival collection, a series of new CT60® watches such as the CT60® Dual Time (limited to 60 pieces), the new 2016 Blue Book Cocktail Collection and East West Mini Collection are also on display. The exhibition is at the Landmark Atrium and runs until 30 August 2016. Click ahead to see scenes from the opening night cocktail party.