In celebration of the launch of its Les Mondes de Chaumet high jewellery collection, Parisian jeweller Chaumet recently hosted an extravagant cocktail party at the Asia Society Hong Kong Center, where celebrities, VIP guests and socialites — including Karena Lam and Lynn Xiong — were taken on a spectacular journey to discover the new exquisite jewelled creations.


Showcased throughout various exhibits at the event, the magnificent collection can be categorised into three extraordinary topics: the Promenades Impériales is inspired by the extravagance of a winter palace and the immaculate beauty of Russia; the Chant du Printemps features designs derived from artfully arranged Japanese cherry blossoms; and the Trésors d’Afriqu refers to the gloriously rich culture of the African continent, expressed through the elegant showcases and paintings by Evans Mbugua. Click ahead to see photos from the sophisticated event.