Tattoo art and fashion have a lot more in common than you might think. They’re both a vehicle for self-expression, and furthermore, there are plenty of global fashion labels that’ve used tattoos as a source of inspiration over the years. That’s why, as a supporter of individuality and also as the flag-bearer of local fashion trends, I.T has joined hands with a global force of tattoo artists including Dr. Woo, Doy, Hongdam, Mirmanda Cheung, Mini Lau, The CrayonerTina Choi and Yeeki Lo to create the I.T Tattoo Atelier pop-up tattoo studio at its Hysan One flagship store (running from now through 2 April 2018), where customers can enjoy tattoo services and experience the unique exchange between the two art forms.

To mark the official opening, I.T hosted a special launch party, where VIP guests — including Cantopop star Jason Chan — joined internationally renowned tattoo master Dr. Woo for a night of celebration. Click ahead to see photos from the party.