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Does Instagram notify people when you screenshot DMs?

We’re all guilty of it. Whether it’s juicy gossip or a conversation with a crush, sometimes it’s impossible to resist the urge to screenshot the Instagram DMs. You do it because it helps you easily save any information they share, or more than likely, you need to discuss the conversation with your best friend.

However, every screengrab comes with a hint of fear about the sender being notified, and it can be an awkward spot to be in. So, does Instagram inform people when you take a snap of their conversation? Unlike Snapchat, taking a screenshot or screen-recording messages, posts, or even stories on Instagram doesn’t usually notify the creator. But it’s more complex than it sounds and comes with a couple of exceptions where Instagram can actually bail you out. Keep reading to know everything about Instagram DM notifications.

Does Instagram tell people when you screenshot the conversations?

In the case of normal Instagram DMs, the platform doesn’t notify the sender that you’re taking screenshots of their conversation. However, if you try to screenshot a message, video or photo sent in the ‘vanish mode‘, the other party gets an alert.

What is vanish mode?

Instagram introduced the vanish mode in 2020, letting users have conversations where the content disappears when someone leaves the chat or turns vanish mode off. To turn on the mode, go to your Instagram DMs and select the chat you wish to enable it for. Once you enter the chat, simply swipe up to activate the vanish mode and you’ll see the background in black. The other party will also see that the mode is on (and hopefully be cautious about taking screengrabs).

Instagram vanish mode
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Disappearing messages

Instagram will also send a notification in case you try to screenshot or screen-record a disappearing picture or video in private message threads. So how does one send disappearing messages?

These messages include photos or videos that appear just like a story in your private DM. Tap on the camera icon on the bottom left side of your chat and choose the picture or clip you want to send.

Here’s how users screenshot DMs without being caught

There are some ways in which users can take screenshots of disappearing messages without the sender knowing:

  • Use web browser: When a user accesses Instagram via a web browser from computer or phone, the web browser allows them to take screengrabs of disappearing messages without detection.
  • Airplane mode: Users can download the story and quickly turn on the airplane mode to take the screenshot, disable the mode and they’ll have a screenshot of disappearing messages without anyone being notified.
  • An additional device: This one’s a no-brainer and the easiest way to prevent embarrassment. Clicking a picture using another device allows a user to get hold of both disappearing messages and vanish mode conversations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Does Instagram send a notification when you unsend a message?

Answer: No, Instagram does not send any sort of notification when you unsend any message.

Question: How to take screenshot on Instagram?

Answer: Press the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. It will then be stored in your gallery.

Question: Can people see when you screenshot posts and stories on Instagram?

Answer: Instagram only notifies the sender if you take screenshots in vanish mode or of disappearing messages.

Does Instagram notify people when you screenshot DMs?

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