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Check out the 10 most-streamed BLACKPINK songs on Spotify

There’s no denying that Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child are two of the most incredible girl bands history has witnessed. However, K-pop maestros BLACKPINK are officially taking over their title – one chart-breaking hit at a time. Ever since their debut in 2016, the quartet of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have only tasted success with their musical offerings, whether it’s their Guinness World Record-breaking track How You Like That or the brassy electropop single Kill This Love that sits atop multiple YouTube streaming lists. The girls enjoy equal popularity on Spotify and were recently declared the most-streamed female group on the platform. While most of their songs peak on Spotify charts now and then, a good portion of their streaming numbers come from a handful of hit singles. Curious to know about BLACKPINK’s most-streamed songs on Spotify?

BLACKPINK has more than 10 billion streams on Spotify (as of July 2023), a figure led by their most popular track to date How You Like That. Other songs like Pink Venom and DDU-DU DDU-DU also enjoy massive daily listeners on the platform. If you want to get the best of BLACKPINK’s discography, let’s take you through their ten most-streamed songs on Spotify.

BLACKPINK’s 10 most-streamed songs on Spotify

1. How You Like That (820 million streams)

Released as a part of their debut studio album, How You Like That holds five Guinness World Records – all thanks to the crazy number of views it garnered on YouTube. The singers’ electrifying energy, powerful rap, and explosive beats make the song a true masterpiece. How You Like That is all about lifting yourself from the shadows and letting go of everything that ultimately weighs you down to soar high in life. The girls sassily give it back to all haters doubting their success.

2. Kill This Love (727 million streams)

Another song that shattered primary YouTube records in its release year (2019), Kill This Love is high on BLACKPINK’s creative talents. If there’s one word to describe the song, it’s ‘fierceness.’ From the thumping beats and passionate chorus to ferocious lyrics – BLACKPINK offers everything in this breakup anthem.

3. DDU-DU DDU-DU (622 million streams)

Coming as the lead title track of their first mini-album, Square Up, DDU-DU DDU-DU is a fierce pop-rap song that exudes BLACKPINK’s charisma. Whether it’s the song’s bass and beat or Jisoo and Rose’s pre-chorus bits – DDU-DU DDU-DU is the perfect hype song to lift your spirits. The song is about finally taking charge of your happiness and loving yourself first.

4. Pink Venom (548 million streams)

This addictive and catchy song was tailor-made for a global audience! Pink Venom surely understood the assignment in terms of music and melody and is undoubtedly BLACKPINK’s splashiest hit yet. The contradicting images of ‘Pink’ and ‘Venom’ perfectly describe the girls’ dual identity as both sweet and deadly and the song truly feels like a lovely poison you can’t get enough of.

5. As If It’s Your Last (494 million streams)

The song is pure pop perfection, taking away from other boundary-pushing BLACKPINK songs in a good way. The chorus is highly comforting, unlike some of their other songs that boast hard-hitting EDM. The song lacks any cringe-infusing catchphrase or over-the-top drops, coming with unadulterated pop goodness, which is why you’ll love it irrespective of whether you follow K-pop or not.

6. Shut Down (478 million streams)

Shut Down is a total banger, boasting exciting rapping and vocals alongside the members’ electric energy and charisma. BLACKPINK establishes the same old trope of ‘we’re the best, don’t mess with us,’ riding high on the fierceness they’re well-known for. Shut Down is a beautiful melding of classical music and hip-hop, and hands down one of their best tracks from Born Pink. 

7. Lovesick Girls (466 million streams)

Staying true to its name, the song is for all the lovesick souls out there! The heartbreak anthem is high on addictive beats, captivating performances, and distinctive vocals. Lovesick Girls will get you up and grooving as soon as it starts! Even its music video is highly compelling, showcasing the members going all out with late-night street dances, sprinting across the city at midnight, smashing car headlights with a sledgehammer, and whatnot. The MV has many hard-hitting scenes that make it a visual treat.

8. BOOMBAYAH (461 million streams)

Released as a part of BLACKPINK’s debut single album Square Up in 2016, BOOMBAYAH is interspersed with booming and exotic beats. It’s one of the songs that established the band’s credibility and talents during their rookie days, helping them tap into the international scene. Each member belts out their effortless vocals and rapping skills in this killer track. Lastly, the catchy chorus is sure to get stuck in your head!

9. Playing with Fire (361 million streams)

Playing with Fire is a song about burning desire, wherein the girls are nothing but an overpowering ball of energy ready to amaze fans with their vocals. With a lot less EDM compared to many of their blockbuster songs, Playing with Fire is sheer pop goodness. This one cemented BLACKPINK’s status as ‘super rookies’.

10. Pretty Savage (354 million streams)

Rounding up the list of 10 most-streamed BLACKPINK songs on Spotify is Pretty Savage, a wild track that’s all about the success, fame and fortune the girls have amassed owing to their musical career. The lyrics establish the band’s unique and savage identity, stressing what sets them apart from their competition and puts them at the top of the K-pop scene globally. Pretty Savage is a straight shot of adrenaline as the girls collectively give it back to the haters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is BLACKPINK's highest peak on Spotify?

Answer: BLACKPINK has more than 10 billion streams on Spotify (as of July 2023), a figure that’s led by their most popular track to date 'How You Like That'.

Question: What is BLACKPINK's most streamed song on Spotify?

Answer: With around 820 million streams at the time of writing, 'How You Like That' is BLACKPINK's most streamed song on Spotify.

Check out the 10 most-streamed BLACKPINK songs on Spotify

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