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Dony from the Kwon Twins breaks down the meaning of his tattoos

Following our video on the best way to tell the Kwon Twins apart, Dony from the Kwon Twins also stuck around to talk about the meaning behind some of his tattoos.


In this segment if Tattoo Talks, we spoke with the more tatted bother Dony about the meaning behind some of his favourite tattoos on his body. Breaking down three of his tattoos on his arm, Dony revealed that all three are heavily tied to family and the connection he shares with his twin brother.

His first tattoo shown reads “Different but Same” as a reference to his shared traits with his bother Deukie and how they may appear to be identical but are different people at the same time.


The juxtaposition continues with his skull tattoo where two skulls are shown side-by-side wearing different accessories. Lastly, Dony’s “Worthwhile” tattoo sees the birthdays of his family members underneath the text design as a reminder that anything with is family is worthwhile. Check out the Kwon Twins video above to get a better look at each of the tattoos on Dony’s arms.

For more coverage from the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” event in Seoul, here’s a recap of the opening.

(Video: Ryan Putranto/Lifestyle Asia)

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