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7 Hong Kong roasters that will deliver coffee essentials to your home

Freshly roasted beans are just a click away!

We get it. That shot of morning caffeine is essential for the exact kind of jolt-awake you need to keep you from crawling back under those fluffy, warm covers when your 8am alarm rings. With our current working from home sitch, you’re probably not swinging by your usual for your trusty cuppa and are, instead, searching for easy coffee solutions closer to home. Or, preferably, right at home, without even needing to step out the front door.

Luckily, these roasters make those very difficult mornings a little more manageable with everything you need to making your very own brew — professional coffee-house style — from special house-made blends to the smart gadgets you didn’t even know you needed.

Ring Ring! Here are the best coffee delivery rosters:

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Known for its careful roasts and well-prepared cups of coffee, Cupping Room is a go-to favourite when in the city. The Australian-inspired cafe opened in Stanley in 2011 and has since expanded to various different neighbourhoods from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, bringing along their speciality small batch roasts sourced from trusted parters which are finished on a restored vintage Probay UG15 Roaster. New batches are roasted weekly!


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It’s more than just a well-brewed cuppa at the  The Coffee Academics, but a considered lesson in coffee culture as well. With outposts across seven regions in Asia, TCA — now also at your doorstep — is bringing the best of their unique coffee experiences into homes. You might know the brand for its award-winning, house-roasted blends — their best being the Hong Kong Blend, a medium-dark roast of five single origin coffees, or for the creation of their very own coffee machine, The Morning Machine, which you should really consider purchasing if you’re a loyal TCA patron.

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The clean wash of white is a NOC Coffee signature, it’s what the roasters have called “bringing calm to the chaos” whenever you pay a visit. You’ll find their locations are often far from the hustle and hidden amongst in those quiet, unassuming pockets in the city. The same can be said about their brew: a perfectly personalised cup — however simple or however complex — that simply soothes and satisfies. And while your home may not be a perfectly designed minimalistic space, you can still experience a proper savouring of NOC’s own expertly measured on-site roast, quality sourced beans and delicious pour.


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Neighbourhood cafe Fineprint just wants to bring good coffee and great food to wherever their locations are. Even if that’s your own home. The cosy Australian spot by strangers-turned-friends-then-founders Scottie Callaghan and James Wilson offers a laid-back energy to your choice of morning coffee. Since 2018, Fineprint’s rota of blends are roasted in house at the dedicated roastery with the Peel Street Espresso Blend being a longtime favourite — it has also inspired a boozy beer from Carbon Brews. And while you can very well brew your own perfect cup of Fineprint coffee, you should really make your way to their physical posts for a taster of the very delicious, home-baked sourdough.


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Urban Coffee Roasters take their java very seriously; they have dedicated teams of roasters, brewers and taste-testers just to prove it. The Hong Kong-based brand started as a simple supplier of speciality coffee beans sourced from various regions as an extended passion between two coffee enthusiasts. And then, to physically cement this vehement love, they launched their now-popular cafes across the city and set up their own roastery in Tai Kok Tsui that roasts an expansive selection of beans in scheduled batches. Quality coffee that is consistent is UCR’s main priority — even if you’re sipping a cup at home.

Keep your eye out for their next roast date: 21 March.

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The Elephant Grounds seasonal ice cream sandwiches you’ll have to make the special trip for, but the decent cup of joe? You can sip and savour from the comforts of your living room. The speciality coffee shop has strode beyond just caffeine since its founding in 2013 and is now a beloved brunch spot and relaxing rest spot for lazy afternoons. But their commitment to quality roasts has remained mostly the same, with a team of expert baristas that carefully modify each blend and a considered rota of in-house roasted signature blends and single origin varieties.

7 /7

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%Arabica brews a beautiful cup of coffee; they’re known for it. Their logo is a icon of what coffee cherries look like on a branch. They grows beans of their own variation on a coffee farm in Hawaii’s Kailua-Kona (home of the famous Kona Coffee) and roast their carefully sourced beans in a high-tech Japanese roasting machine, Tornado King, that you can find at every one of their brick and mortar locations. They also stock a premium line of coffee accessories including the Slayer Espresso, the best espresso machines in the world.  So, it takes no convincing, %Arabica is an expert when it comes to good coffee, you can count on it — just fill your pantry with some of their good stuff.

7 Hong Kong roasters that will deliver coffee essentials to your home

After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her at home obsessing over tableware and attempting a fruit garden on her tiny bay window. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.

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