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Here’s why The John Walker is a timeless expression of its founder’s legacy

When Scottish grocer John Walker sold his first bottle of Scotch whisky back in 1820, he would’ve never imagined that the whisky he had just created was destined to become a legacy in the world of fine spirits. Almost two centuries later, Johnnie Walker has boldly established a presence in just about every country, becoming the purveyor of fine whiskies that we know today. So what better way to pay tribute to the life and vision of Johnnie Walker’s founder than with an exquisite Scotch whisky, aptly named The John Walker.

Also known as the Founder’s Blend, this triple-matured whisky is produced in small batches of only 330 bottles at a time, using an exceptional rare blend of nine whiskies from distilleries that were known to be in John Walker’s lifetime, two of which harken from Glen Albyn and Cambus, both silent distilleries now.

Housed in a stunning Baccarat decanter, The John Walker is a triple-matured whisky that’s inspired by the legacy of Johnnie Walker’s founder.

Having been married together in a cask made of 100-year-old oak staves, the result is a refined and sophisticated Scotch that has all the workings worthy of John Walker’s legacy. The complexity of flavours from this velvety smooth blend begins with a vanilla oak sweetness, which hits the palate before gently giving way to a fruity zestiness. Opulent, full-bodied aromas from tangerines, apricot, cereal notes and other rich fruits then seamlessly culminate into a resonating smoky finish — a signature of Johnnie Walker’s house style — with lingering honey notes.

The John Walker is housed with a presentation that’s equally befitting of its prestige. Bottled in an intricate hand-crafted Baccarat crystal decanter with a 24 carat gold-plated neck, each are individually engraved with a unique batch and bottle number, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The level of craftsmanship doesn’t stop there; each decanter is presented in a lacquered cabinet that took 60 hours to create.

The John Walker can be savoured any way you prefer, but as with most rare Johnnie Walker blends, it’s best enjoyed neat.


Here’s why The John Walker is a timeless expression of its founder’s legacy

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